Martha’s My Girl

Martha’s totally my girl.  She gets me.  She understands me better than any ex boyfriend.  So when Martha came out with a new line of office organization products for Staples, it was like she was making them just for me.  My Martha obsession runs deep.  In fact, it started back in my early college days when she had a line of kitchen products for Kmart.  It was the only time I enjoyed shopping at Kmart.  So remember a couple of days ago when I introduced you to my Martha obsession and blogged about her chalkboard labels that I used on some mason jars back here?  You should know that I didn’t just come home with a package of labels, I came home with the whole system.  Isn’t it purty?!

In fact, I made four trips to Staples this past weekend to pick up supplies as I worked on shredding old documents, reorganizing important papers, and even taking a little trip down memory lane with some old high school keepsakes.

In the end, I came came home with four magazine holders, two document storage boxes two notebooks with page dividers, and even a planner.

Oh and I can’t forget my new favorite friends.  I would like to officially introduce you to my new owl friends, Orvis and Hester.

So Saturday morning I went cruising around town looking for organizational supplies, which I found at Staples with Martha’s new line, and also accessories for the office space.  I wound up in the clearance aisle of the Home Goods section of TJ Maxx in search of shelf accessories.  Can you believe that Orvis and Hester were clearance owls?!  I know!  I can’t either!  Who wouldn’t want these guys?!  They’re such a (caution…bad pun coming) hoot!

Oh Orvis, you’re such a funny owl.  Hester and Orvis are flanking our old photo albums, holding them up like book ends so they do serve a purpose.  The best part of these owls, other than their wit and charm, is that I only paid $8 for each of them.  They were a little scuffed up and dirty but I gave them each a good scrub and they were as good as new.

So back to what I did to organize the shelf.  The four magazine holders contain keepsake items.  There’s two for media guides from my portfolio (I used to work in marketing for the University of Maine athletic department and did a lot of design work for them), one for Colby’s high school yearbooks, and one for my high school yearbooks.  I still haven’t labeled the magazine holders so please forgive me for that one.

Then there is the other TJ Maxx Home Goods Score, the white faux leather box, that’s a perfect complement to Martha’s storage boxes and was a $6 steal.  It’s empty right now but the plan is to put all of our wedding memorabilia in it as we begin to collect it.  From cards, to save the date and invitation copies, RSVP cards, etc.  The notebooks are also from Martha’s line, which is something new I’m trying.  Oh, and then there’s my nesting doll from my trip to Russia (which you can read about back here).

But back to the notebooks.  For most of my adult life, I’ve been a hanging file folder kind of gal.  Since the desk drawers aren’t terribly accommodating for hanging files, I opted to go for the important documents in an organized notebook instead.  I have tabs for everything from 401K info to bank statements, and there’s even a Goose file with all his adoption information….awwwww!

The notebook system is really helping me stray from my pack rat ways.  The rule was that I got two notebooks to fit ALL of my paperwork into.  Need I remind you that I brought FOUR boxes of files up from the basement with the mission to pare that down to two notebooks!  Crazy but I did it!  The poor shredder got one serious workout.

My other challenge was with the document storage boxes.  I wanted to use those boxes to store all of my high school and college memorabilia.  My old system was to use notebooks with page protectors to tuck everything into it.  Everything from cards, to certificates, to report cards and more.  I had about 9 notebooks jam packed with stuff.  The plan was one box for high school, one box specifically for high school senior year, and then one box for college.  I’m only one box down, but have successfully filled one box with just stuff from senior year.

Two more boxes to go.  So I’m really pleased with how the office space in the parlor is shaping up.  The next plan, replace those tape lines with some cute floating shelves.  Then those storage jars will have a proper home.

As pretty as things look on the outside, it’s not so pretty on the inside.  Prepare yourself, I’m going to give you a little peep show of my drawers (hahahaha).  Sorry.

Yup, my drawers are an absolute mess!  I would show you Colby’s drawers too (again…hahaha) but it’s probably rude of me to show you his drawers without his permission.

Of course a good office space update wouldn’t be complete without taking a peek at the good ol’ to-do list so here’s what it looks like these days:

  • Install the shelf
  • Hang the file storage bins
  • Build, finish, and install two floating shelves (these are the blue tape lines above my section of the desk)
  • Purchase and install the tv mounting bracket
  • Move all of our electronics into the command center…I mean…desk
  • Create a flamingo art project
  • Find document storage containers to start organizing our office mess into
  • Organize and officially move into the office space
  • Accessorize
  • Find a bigger rug
  • Purchase industrial, manly desk lamps
  • Find matching desk chairs instead of our mismatched pair…our chairs are like socks on laundry day…they just don’t go together
  • Tackle the cord control and make them visually disappear
  • Install a new light fixture
  • Add outlet covers (how did I forget to put this on the list before?!)
  • Replace the old mismatched curtains with something light and airy
  • Build a low bookcase to replace the Target cubes (it’s official…I decided…the cubes have to go!)

So I crossed off two things from the list (organizing and accessorizing) and added six things.  Sheesh!  That’s just how the life of a lister goes!

Pssst…So I know what I’m working on this weekend (more office space/parlor projects) what is everyone else up to?  Anyone tackling a nagging project?  Or a fun one like tracking down cute accessories?

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