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Happy Earth Day everyone!  Earth Day 2012 was certainly an enjoyable one here at the roost.  It may not have been as exciting as back in my days working for UMaine when naked bikers sporting green body paint would take a little ride through campus.  Did I say exciting?  I meant awkward…very, very awkward.  But on a serious note, or as serious a note as I can get on, we did celebrate Earth Day in our own, non-naked/green body paint way.  Colby and I are just starting an assault attack on cleaning products in an effort to green up our routine.  That’s me attempting to model my favorite natural shower cleaning product by Method.  I seem to have missed my calling as a shower cleaning product model.

My cleaner green mission started a few months back while getting my clean on in the bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles style.  Nothing against Scrubbing Bubbles, or Clorox, or Lysol, or any of my other favorite bathroom cleaners but you started making me sick.  I would spend about an hour cleaning the bathroom using chemically product after chemically product and towards the end I would start to feel nauseous and dizzy.  Not cool.  My cleaning attack would give me a headache for the rest of the day.  That’s when I decided to switch to Method.  Now, no more dizzy spells while cleaning the shower.

During Earth Month I said to myself, “self…why stop at greening up your shower cleaning routine?  There are so many other not so good for you or the environment products out there that I use pretty regularly.”  Good thinking self.

So I started stocking up on greener/more natural cleaning products from Target.  Why Target?  Well…first off…I heart Target.  And second, they’ve not only had these products on sale all month but have also been dolling out coupons for the products left and right in celebration of Earth Month.

The only product I’ve really been using so far is the shower cleaner.  Although I have been using the all purpose cleaner sporadically and also love it!  It smells so pretty!  But I still have all my old cleaners that I’m trying to phase out.  I’m too cheap just to trash everything I already have on hand but I wanted to take advantage of all the sales while I could.  So I have a nice little supply of greener cleaning products ready to go when I’m ready to flip the switch.  I also picked up a couple of reusable/machine washable cleaning clothes.

The idea here is to nix my paper towel/Clorox wipes habits.  I go through ALOT of Clorox wipes.  That may be my hardest habit to break.  Hi….my name is Angie…and I’m a Clorox wipes-aholic.  Hi Angie.  So the idea is to replace the wipes and paper towels with something I can reuse…not throw away.  I already have a couple of microfiber cleaning clothes that I use for dusting but was looking for a lint free towel for cleaning windows and also a couple of rag like items for cleaning counters.  Hopefully these guys do the trick.  Here goes nothing!  Also, Target was in full force celebrating Earth Day this morning and was giving out little gift bags at the door.

The reusable shopping bag was filled with green samples including Seventh Generation laundry detergent and Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.  Can you believe I’m a Maine-er and still haven’t tried Tom’s toothpaste?!  Cah-razy!  Oh yeah…and there were coupons too.  Love me some coupons!

Pssst…One of my other favorite greener and cheaper strategies is making my own laundry detergent that you can read about back here.  I have to admit, it’s going so well and I’m very happy about switching!  So enough about us, let’s talk about you!  What did you all do to celebrate Earth Day?  Or does anyone have any cleaner/greener strategies?  Do share!


    1. No! I haven’t tried this awesome product you speak of! Where do you find it? I didn’t notice it at our local Target but I may have just overlooked it. I’ll have to try it. But I have tried the almond wood polishing spray and it makes me want to eat it…which probably isn’t good…but it is a natural cleaner….hmmm.

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