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Oh Say Can You “C”

No I haven’t confused my holidays and no I’m not going all patriotic on you.  I’m just revealing our little wedding art gallery that we just hung up in our master bedroom, complete with a little “C” art from Etsy.

For those of you who have been around the roost and then some, you’ll recognize the first dance art and the wedding invitation shadow box.  But if you’re new to these parts, you can read more about the first dance art with song lyric mat back here.

And you can read more about our wedding invitation shadow box here or check out our invitations in greater detail back here.  You know you want to.  Where else can you find “Party ‘Til The Cows Come Home” themed invites?!

But the new piece to the little art gallery is the “C” art which is cut from recycled  roofing tin.  I couldn’t fathom putting together a little wedding art gallery without paying homage to my new last name.  The “C” stands for “Campbell”.  Thus, I had been cruising Etsy and Pinterest looking for some monogram art to DIY.  So when I came across this guy on Etsy for only $8.00 I was a smitten kitten.  I ignored my inner DIYer and pushed “purchase” instead of breaking out the tin snips to bring this guy into our home.

The art comes from the Junkfx Etsy shop, which makes all sorts of decor from recycled materials.  Not only does the shop specialize in tin letters, but I was also a sucker for the fireflies made out of old Christmas lights.  They were adorable!  And I definitely added them to my Etsy wishlist.  I can envision them hanging from a patio umbrella on the deck during the summertime.

But back to the metal “C”.  I opted to just go with the one letter, standard size which is about 12″ tall.  But the shop also offers volume discounts and custom sizing depending on your needs.

And back to the gallery.  The wedding gallery was intended for the empty wall, along Colby’s side of the bed in our master bedroom.  The “8-10-12” art, that represents our wedding date and was made using our wedding table numbers, was the start of this gallery.  But it was a sad start and I was desperately jonesing to add some more art along the wall for a mismatched frame gallery.

By the time I got around to hanging the gallery I had accumulated three items:  the metal “C”, shadow box, and first dance art.  Because I love to tweak gallery walls and adjust them before actually hanging the art, I made some newspaper replicas of the pieces so I could play with the paper copies first.  It’s just the art pieces, traced onto newspaper, cutout, and taped to the wall.

This is where I started to get a little apprehensive about the whole gallery.  I thought for sure that the three pieces I had would fill a larger section of the wall.  Instead, after hanging the paper versions of the art, the wall looked a little sparse.  I debated putting the art hanging project on hold until I could accumulate more pieces, but peed into threw caution to the wind and just decided to go for it.  I could always add more art later and this was a good start.  So, with my favorite handyman/husband in tow, we started to hang the art in place of the temporary paper copies.

Hanging the “C” was a little tricky.  But Colby came up with the idea of tension hanging it.  By securing both the top and bottom of the “C” with nails inside the curve, it would be properly adhered to the wall without fear of it crashing in the night.

For the rest of the art we just used your typical, run of the mill picture hangers to secure the pieces.  That’s Colby’s grumpy, I just got back from hunting camp, face.  He’s such a good husband.

And voila…a somewhat sparse and pseudo finished wedding art gallery for our master bedroom.

And from another angle so you can get the full-on, bed experience.

There’s still so much more space to fill in on this wall.  I really don’t know what I was thinking, that the three items I had acquired would “fill” the wall.  Maybe it’s all that turkey and triptophans making my brain go loco?!

But I do like where the gallery is heading.  I love me a mismatched frame gallery especially one that commemorates our wedding day.  There’s something about special about a gallery wall that just gets me going.  And this one, so far, is no exception.  I’m loving the combo of the ornate-ish shadow box with the metal frame and the rustic, industrial looking metal “C”.  It’s a great combo of different textures and finishes, a key to successful, collected over time looking galleries.

I even dig the what-looks-like-sharpie-writing on the “C”.  At first it drove me nuts that it was “ruined” and didn’t look like it should.  I debated sending it back which now seems crazy to me.  I’ve come around and I love its imperfections and those black markings give it even more character.

So for now I’m reveling in how our wedding art gallery wall is starting out but I’m pretty certain I want to expand it.  I have a few more things in the wedding box I would like bring out and frame, and I’m thinking the gallery needs a little sumpin’ sumpin’ more.  I’m envisioning some rustic wood frames, maybe a pair of white frames to balance out the shadow box, and another metal frame or two to balance out the first dance art.  I’m not gonna lie, I already picked up a few frames from Target to play around with.  And per usual, you know I’ll overshare the snot out of this gallery and keep you updated with any changes we make.  Until next time, keep it classy San Francisco.

Pssst…While we were hanging wedding art this Thanksgiving what were you all up to?  Anyone start their Christmas decorating?  Or brave Black Friday?  Or did you just relish in the awesomeness that is Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time with friends, family and triptophans?

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