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On The Eleventh Day Of Craft-Mas

On the eleventh day of Craft-Mas the crafting gods gave to me, Santa belt pots for Christmas festivity.

So cute, huh?!  And they were so cheap and easy to make.  I know, that’s really becoming my mantra during the whole 12 Days Of Craft-Mas, but the best projects are cheap, easy, and oh so adorable.  This project all started with three cute little poinsettia plants that I picked up at the grocery store.  They were too cute to pass up s0 I promptly adopted them.  I knew I wanted to craft something to put them in and kind of stumbled into this project while shopping for wrapping paper at Target.  I was perusing the dollar aisle (one dolla make ya holla) and saw these little painted pails.  They had Santa belt buckles painted right on them.  I loved the idea and decided to “kick it up a notch” and craft more of a three dimensional belt onto some of the plain, steel looking pots.  So I picked up three pots for a dollar each, a roll of black sparkly ribbon for $3, and went to work with the glue gun and some left over glittery craft paper.

First I folded the wide ribbon over to make a smaller belt and quickly tacked it down with hot glue.

Then I wrapped the ribbon around the pot, securing it in the rear with the glue.

Then I cut out a buckle from the silver, sparkly craft paper and glued that to the ribbon/pot combo as well.

Because I’m lazy and really wasn’t feeling like re-potting the poinsettias in the new Santa belt buckle pots, I used some leftover burlap from the Christmas table setting that I put together back here, wrapped the burlap around the flower pots, and inserted the combo into the belt buckle pot.  Voila!

I decided to break up the pot trio with two of the plants/pots living in the kitchen.  They’re on the window sill overlooking the back yard.  That’s Goose’s stocking by the way, hanging by the window.  Could you tell?  Did it’s paw like shape give it away?

They add just a little bit of festivity to our regulars on the window sill.  They also add a nice little pop of color to a generally muted color palette.

The third guy lives in the living room on the media cabinet.  I attempted to hide one of the speakers beside the tv but it wasn’t quite big enough.

The little guy kind of, not really, balances out the big guy on the other side of the media cabinet.

The pair of poinsettias is my sad attempt at decorating an otherwise unfestive living room.  But the room is completely open to the parlor which oozes Christmas.  The parlor kind of feels like the Christmas fairy (and the glitter fair, and the lights fairy, and the festive fair) exploded all over the room leaving behind quite a trail.  Oh…and the present fairy…she’s my favorite…she left lots of presents under the tree for everyone, and all wrapped up by the wrapping fairy.  If you’re patient, and really good this week, I’ll share some tree pictures with you.  Later this week we’ll be doing a holiday home tour to show off all our hard Christmas decorating work.

Pssst…So today I was thinking about what letters to Santa Claus might look like if it was okay for adults to write them.  Mine would go something like this.  “Dear Santa, I’ve been an awfully good girl this year.  I only picked on my brother once.  Because I was such a good girl, could you please, please, please, please, pleeeeaaaaase install my dishwasher?!  Pretty please?!”  Do you think Santa Claus carries tools in his sleigh?

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