Ooops I Did It Again

I’m pretty certain I’ve used my favorite Britney song (Ooops…I Did It Again) as a blog post title once before but alas, a Google search failed to unearth such musings.  How appropriate for the first post title after a nearly two-month hiatus…after a previous two-month hiatus earlier this year.  Let’s just say, that steady blogging is not my strong suit.  It’s a good thing this isn’t my job, I don’t offer advertising, and it’s just a hobby!  Otherwise, we’d be eating a whole lot of Ramen!

So we’re back…again…hopefully this time for the long haul.  So where have we been?  What have we been doing?  What kind of shenanigans has Goose been up to?

Goose Shenanigans Summer 2014

I like to refer to this past summer as the “Summer of Fun”.  We haven’t had a summer of fun since our first year of dating circa the summer of 2009 when we were both apartment dwellers with tons of free time.  The next summer we bought the house, then there was summer grad school, then the summer we got married, last summer with the Etsy shop craziness, and now this summer…the “Summer of Fun”.  We did a lot of fishing on the new boat:

Fishing Brewer Lake Summer 2014

Goose came along for the ride and fished in his own special way:

Goose Fishing Brewer Lake Summer 2014

A little exploring and being tourists in our own state of Maine (this is at Schoodic Point…FYI):

Exploring Schoodic Point Summer 2014

And a ton of goofing around:

How Colby Fishes

I’m also just now realizing there’s not a single picture of me this summer.  I swear I participated in “Summer of Fun” too, not just Goose and Colby!  Maybe I should give my camera to others more often instead of always playing photographer?!

I had intentions of blogging this summer and I did a little bit (emphasis on little), but it’s just so hard sometimes when you work all day, either in front of a computer all day or hitting the road visiting clients (I’m a small business consultant with a territory of the entire state of Maine).  Then you come home and the last thing you want to do is fire up the Mac and blog.  No, there were adventures to be had that trumped computer time.  And did I mention that this summer was gorgeous here in Maine?!  GORGEOUS!  I can count the number of gloomy, rainy days we had this summer on one hand.  Thus there was a lot of reading in hammocks, taking Goose for runs, fishing, and general lazing around the house or the lake.  It was glorious.

Fishing Brewer Lake Fall 2014

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get any house projects done.  Boy have we been knocking out the house projects!  I’ve got projects/pics for a solid 40-50 posts!  Okay…maybe that’s stretching it…but I’ve got a lot of material.  We still haven’t made any progress on our porch, and our master bedroom closet is still missing doors and a floor, but DUDE we have a new entry door which was a super score of a deal, and have officially started demoing the kitchen.  Just the nasty textured ceiling, the rest is good to stay…kind of…stay tuned.

Textured Kitchen Ceiling Coming Down

I’ve also spent a ton of time thinking about my style.  I’ve been feeling a style shift for the last year.  What I used to love, all things cottage, seems to be sliding to the wayside.  Lately, I’ve been attracted to all things brass, some mid-century modern, Nate Berkus, and Emily Henderson, mixed with some slight bohemian modern and tons of wood tones.  Which all makes Colby happy since he likes the deeper, richer colors paired with wood tones.  Thus, I’ve caught myself noodling around the house tweaking and switching out things to appease my altered tastes.

Shifting Styles

After nearly five years of slowly remodeling our home, we’re winding down on the major projects.  We just started tackling the kitchen and laundry room, which are some of the last untouched spaces.  So I envision tons of tweaking and restyling rooms over the next year-ish.  But more on that later.

So hopefully there are a few loyal readers still out there besides my mom (hi Mom!).  We’ll be bringing you the details of our summer projects and more as we slowly inch along fixing up our old home.


  1. Awesome to see you back…back again…Angie’s back, tell a friend. Ok, that was way lame but anyways Welcome Back!!

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