Painted Kitchen Cabinet Reveal

Remember the other day when I mentioned that there were two newly completed projects that I just can’t stop staring at?  The gaping mouth, drool slowly dripping from my mouth, in total awe staring in amazement kind.  One of those projects was the new shelf above the his/hers desk from back here.  The other project, was this:

Booyah!  I finally finished painting all the cabinets, doors and drawers and then this past weekend Colby added all the new, stainless steel hardware.  The final result is absolutely amazing.

The picture above is the view from the dining room.  One thing I may do is close up the area between the dishwasher and the stove.  Back when we first moved into the house a couple years ago, we ripped out the old dishwasher and replaced it with some open shelves.  In the revamp, we nixed the lower cabinet door.  It looks a little funny right now but it’s nothing that a custom sewed curtain can’t fix.

Oh kitchen, how I love thee now!  It’s so weird having all the cabinets glossy, white after they’ve been two toned (brown on the lowers and white on the uppers) for so long.  When I walked into the kitchen today during my lunch break, the kitchen felt HUGE!  It is a pretty big kitchen, but having all the cabinets bright white makes it even bigger.

One of the hardest things to get used to in the newly refinished kitchen cabinets, is having hardware.  I know, crazy town.  Back when I first started refinishing the cabinets, back in December of 2010, I removed all of the door knobs and drawer pulls from all the cabinets and threw them away.  However, we went over a year without painting the lower cabinets and thus without hardware.  Needless to say, I’m still grabbing the sides of cabinets and drawers to open them instead of using the new pulls.

Now that the cabinets are so pretty the kitchen floor is sticking out like a sore thumb.  We tried removing the old linoleum thinking we could temporarily paint the floor.  But the linoleum comes up really tough and damages the sub floor underneath.  We’ll just have to buck up and install the wide pine floor boards someday soon.  Maybe after mud season hits in Maine.

So I absolutely adore how the stainless steel dishwasher looks with the glossy white.  Eventually, we’ll replace the stove with a stainless steel one as well.  And a new range hood.  The one that’s there now is one of those old avocado colored ones that I spray painted and it no longer works.

So this concludes our gorgeous, kitchen cabinet reveal.  We’re totally digging the finish and it’s holding up quite nicely.  Now that this task is checked off my kitchen re-do list, it’s time to pretty-fy something else.  What could it be?  What could it be?  Kitchen floor?  Yes please!  Laundry room overhaul?  Sign me up!  New kitchen lighting to replace the fluorescent one?  When can we start!  There are tons of tasks to tackle in this room because its such a hot…scratch that…ugly mess and I can’t wait to get going.  The hardest part these days is deciding what to do next!


  1. Gorgeous! It looks like something right out of a home decor magazine. Absolutely amazing is right! Great job! 🙂

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