Pre The Big Big Big Mess

So…I know I’ve alluded to it several times before but I don’t think I’ve really brought up the sewer pipe situation we’ve got going on in the house.  Maybe it’s just one of those “too painful to talk about things.”  You know…like parachute pants and shoulder pads.  (shutter)  To make a long (and uber frustrating) story shorter, here’s the rundown: boy and girl buy house and move in, find kitchen plumbing not working, re-plumb kitchen, still not working, re-plumb EVERYTHING, still not working, dig up sewer pipe under basement floor, find perforated pipe (seriously?!), re-plumb that, still not working, call roto-rooter four times in six months, finally get sewer main camera-ed, find a collapsed clay pipe underneath THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, call town sewer, it’s not their problem it’s mine, call a million plumbing and earthworks companies for quotes, most don’t ever call back, a few were super expensive, finally find the right guys for the job but it’s still super expensive, out of frustration and necessity, book the sewer pipe day.  Really…that is the short story!  So sewer pipe day is officially tomorrow (yay!) and we’re all marked up and ready to go.  Check out some of the crazy markings that are all over our road and driveway:

Apparently they mean something?!  So with the whole sewer pipe replacement and a year and a half of dealing with this, I’m finally ok with it.  There was some serious anger at first.  Seriously…I couldn’t understand why the old owners replaced only the first 2/3 of the old clay pipe with PVC only three years earlier but didn’t finish the job.  And then why did they install perforated pipe underneath the basement floor?  That made it so water never went out through the sewer main but seeped into the ground underneath the basement.  The whole thing seemed really fishy and kind of like a cover up.  Anywho, I’m over that now and am FINALLY replacing the whole thing.  No more daily laundry to help clear out what’s left of the old clay pipe!  Woo to the hoo!

So tomorrow is the big day and of course I’m taking the day off from my day job to be here for the show!  It’s costing me big bucks so I wouldn’t miss it for the world!  And you know I’ll be blogging during the whole ordeal so stay tuned tomorrow for some live reports from Angie’s sewer pipe.  I know…riveting stuff huh?!

Oh, and a little story for you all to relate to the title of this post.  So, back when a was a wee youngin’ (kindergarten days), my parents had just moved into a new home and were going through a similar situation (but way worse, they were replacing their whole foundation).  It was a GINORMOUS muddy mess!  Needless to say, I chose to write about the construction work in a little story for class that I called, “The Big Big Big Big Big Big Mess.”  It was also the story that I got to read at the school’s reading night in front of ALL the parents at Pine Street Elementary School, which was ironically just seven houses up the street from our house.  My parents were embarrassed.  Very very very very very very embarrassed.  Especially when other parents came up to them afterwards with comments such as, “so that’s YOUR house.”  Good thing I was cute back then, right mom?!

So now we’re gearing up for our big big big big big mess tomorrow.  Most of the mess will be located in the middle of our street and not our miniscule front yard, so it shouldn’t be so bad.  Be sure to check in tomorrow for some updates!

Pssst…depending on tomorrow’s digging progress, Wedding Wednesday may be moved to Thursday.  I know, Wedding Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring but I’m feeling a little rebellious these days!

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