Run Don’t Walk To Target

For their Threshold picture frame sale.  Seriously, now through Saturday (me thinks) all their Threshold frames are buy one, get one (of equal or lesser value) for 25% off.  And perfect timing for me since I discovered the sale while I was on a mission for not one, but two wooden picture frames for a little living room sprucing.  It was like Target was having a sale just for me!

I love how a few weeks ago we switched out the living room throw pillows, which made the curtains look bad, so we switched out the curtains for some breezy panels which led to a need for some bamboo shades for light blocking, which now led to noticing a wall decor void.  Notice the space above the orange lamps?  To the left of the couch?  Between the two windows.  It needed some art.

And while we were at it, it was also time for a frame update for the family photo hanging out on the end table.  I was envisioning something a little more rustic wood like.

Since our new truck has been programmed to auto pilot itself over to Target, a key selling feature I might add, off I went on a picture frame mission and this was the end result.  Art void avoided.

And now for the obligatory closeup of the art and side table combo complete with the new picture frames.  Is it sad that now I want to paint the side table?  #onethingleadstoanother

The art hanging above the lamp is a print that we’ve had since November.  Shame on me for taking so long to hang such cute art.  I was just waiting for the perfect picture frame to cross my path.

The print is a ship drawing overlaid on a nautical map that we found on Etsy.  And no joke, Colby picked this out.  I was searching for a print, something a little beachy/nautical/fun for the living room and came across a few options.  I handed the reins over to the Colbster and this was his choice.  I think it’s a choice deserving of the slow clap.  I’ll pause while you clap it up.

The print came from a shop called Sea Side Prints, who is actually having a 15% off sale right now.  So after you recover from running over to Target to treat yourselves to some Threshold frames, run right on over to Sea Side prints to pick up a beachy print (or two) from their summer sale.

Can we just take a moment to discuss the side table color options?  What do you guys think?  Should it go white?  Or not mess with it?  It just seems so dark in that corner now with a bunch of different wood tones going on around it.  Maybe some Annie Sloan chalk paint in white?  Distress it a bit?  Test out those painting skills I picked up at Haven?

Anywho, I had originally intended on hanging both frames above the lamp.  But after getting the frames home and faux hanging them (aka…Colby holds them up in place while eyeball it and make hang or not to hang decisions) I realized two frames hanging on the wall was one frame too busy in the space.  Just hanging the ship print helped balance out the craziness that is the postcard ledges.  Ah balance.

Another day, another living room tweak.

Pssst…Next up in project world, some porch demo and work.  It’s about time we got cracking on the space.  We’ll be spending our loooong weekend taking down old bead board panels, repairing porch windows and maybe even painting it up.  What’s on the project docket in your neck of the woods this weekend?  Or are you planning on soaking in the last few days of summer?


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