Succa Please

Before I dive into today’s blog post I need to explain the title and the associated Jeanne-ism.  Jeanne is one of my co-workers, probably one of the loudest, and one of her top ten phrases is “succa-please”.

Passive-aggressive behavior at its most eloquent
Colby:  Let’s just take one more lap around the Dick’s Sporting Goods hunting department before we go to Sephora.
Angie:  “Succa-please!”

It’s a phrase that’s used often when salesmen ask for help, when the shipment went wrong, or if Al insults her.  It’s a classic, a staple in our office culture, and the office wouldn’t be the same without.  Jeanne…this post is dedicated to you!

Get it?  Good.  Now onto the blog post.  Are succulents out?  Seriously!  I went to two Lowes stores and a Home Depot and couldn’t find a single succulent…like these guys from West Elm.

I spent about four weeks searching out succulents in our area but couldn’t find them anywhere.  Why?  Why was a succobsessed?!  Because I found this ridiculously awesome white, ceramic shell at a local Home Goods for $10 and couldn’t pass it up.  And wouldn’t it be the perfect vessel for a little succulent garden?!  We’re talking Brangelina perfect for each other!

Ceramic Sea Shell From Home Goods

But alas…Maine is void of succulents.  Why you gotta be like that Maine?!  So I settled for this little guy.

Make Shift Succulent Plant

And planted it.  And what-a-ya-know…I kind of liked it.

Succulent In A Ceramic Conch Shell

As for where it went…game day bucket go boom…we parked the shell on the entry shelf.

New Plant In The Entry

I love how the white shell makes for a trio of white “stuff” on the shelf including the Nate Berkus ram’s head and the white, textured storage box.  Accessories are supposed to come in threes, right?!  Now there are three white accessories hanging out on the shelf, which ties into the white crown molding and baseboards.

New Plant On The Entry Shelf

Now, let’s just see how long I can keep this plant alive.  I don’t have the greatest track record.  I’m giving the plant a month to live, plus or minus 26 days.  Place your bets, folks!

Anway…I love how a simple little project, like planting a new plant in an unusual container like a shell, adds a little extra oomph in a space.  There’s nothing like adding a plant to a space.  It always livens up a space.  I’m a big fan of a plant in every room.  Even if I’m 100% incapable of keeping a plant alive.

Pssst…What small updates have you guys been making around your home?  Any plant additions?


  1. Angie,

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. You’ve done fantastic on the house! Congrats on the marriage! You need to visit Portland, OR for succulents. We have whole stores devoted to them, they are a HUGE thing out here! So just hop on a plane and you can get loads of them!

    1. Okay…I’m hopping on a plane right now! Kidding…but I wish I was serious since it’s been so long since I’ve seen you! I hope everything is well and that we cross paths again someday. Thanks for the sweet comment! How are you liking Portland by the way?!

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