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The Feather Bone Is Connected To The Wing Bone

A mystery package showed up to our house the other day.  And by the other day, I really mean a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been a little busy lately and am a little behind the times.  But not like layering my socks and feathering my bangs kind of behind the times.  Time has just been flying by these last couple of weeks….more like months.  But back to the package…the mystery package.

I wasn’t expecting anything, nor was Colby.  And we didn’t recognize the sender’s address…strange.  But that didn’t stop us from tearing into the boxes like a kid at Christmas.  And what to our wondering eyes should appear?!  Bird parts:

Metal bird parts!  It was an Easter gift from my Grandma and Aunt Pat…cue up the awwwwwwwwwwww.  My fam is so cute that they actually send Easter gifts.  The cutest part, besides the contents, is that it was addressed to “Angie, Colby AND Goose”.  You can never forget about the Goose…he just doesn’t let you.  I was elated about the bird parts, which once assembled would turn into garden accessories.  But before they could adorn our not yet blooming garden, and add a little color to the outdoor space, they needed to be assembled.  I threw caution to the wind and chucked the assembly directions in the recycle bin along with the box and “winged it” (pun totally intended).  I am a master of some-assembly-required after all.  Seconds later, we had a pair of garden birds.

I adore the detailing on these birds.  They’re made of a hammered metal and painted in vibrant colors.  The “feathers” on the birds almost look like they’re glass but much more durable and not so breakable like.

The birds are currently living in our parlor, scaring off Gooses instead of garden pests.  Speaking off, I cannot confirm nor deny that I chased Goose around the dining room with one of these birds until he developed a minor complex and won’t go near them…not even for cookies.

My favorite part of the birds is how they remind me so much of those cheesy, plastic pink flamingos (which I really dig…yes I’m weird) but a much classier version.  Does this mean I’m growing up?  But they’re so pretty and I can’t wait to plop them down amidst the hydrangeas.

Pssst…HUGE shout out to my Gram and Pat for such an amazing gift!  We love, love, LOVE it!  Thank you so much!  And we feel so blessed to have such sweet family members.  Just a few weeks prior we received this care package full of miscellaneous antiques from Marcus out of the blue.


    1. Yes! I dug out the packing slip to figure it out. They come from in the gardening section. It’s one of those specialty, mail order catalogs. I found the peacock on their site but couldn’t find the flamingo.

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