The Shelves That Colby Built

Storage solutions are currently being installed on all levels of the house, built by Colby and finished by moi.  The basement shelving units are amazing and hold all of our pack-ratted-ness.  The dehumidifier has also been a god send!  Moving up to the main level of the house, storage shelves have replaced the ancient dishwasher and not so useful corner cabinet.  The best part of the custom shelving: the small upper shelf perfect for all those canisters of baking goods.  Also in the kitchen, not only is there custom trim around the back window but also a shelf the perfect size for an herb garden.  And on the second level of the house, some gorgeous built-ins were installed in what was essentially wasted space (my discovery…I’m pretty proud of that one!).  Here are a few pics of our shelving handy work.

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