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Wedding Wednesday: Budget Blooms

This evening’s Wedding Wednesday post is gonna be short and sweet (ahahaha…haha…ha).  Oh, maybe I should tell you why that’s a bad pun before I start laughing.  Reason is, I’m up to my eyeballs this evening in a grand Christmas mint making extravaganza.  It’s amazing the number of batches of those things I put out there every year.  Oh the insanity….oh the sugar comas….oh the deliciousness.

But back to Wedding Wednesday and this evening’s topic, budget blooms.  I love beautiful flowers just like any other good little girl but I also can’t justify spending a fortune on them.  My favorite flowers from Colby have always been the cheap, $9 bouquets from the local grocery store.  They’re cheap, very beautiful, and tend to last longer than the ones from the florist.  He actually just came home with some on Monday after I was having a bad day at the day job.  I want to continue my love for budget blooms when it comes to our wedding.  I foresee flowers, but I foresee them done in a low cost manner.  So here are my ideas.

First, I’m really liking the idea of growing the flowers for the wedding.  I know it sounds crazy (mom) but I totally think it’s doable.  Especially with my mother, aka, the most amazing gardener ever!  Maybe if I butter her up she’ll warm up to the idea!  Thus, I want to keep things simple, like baby’s breath for the bouquets for my maids.

That reminds me, I really need to ask my maids to be my maids.  Also when it comes to the bouquets, especially with mine, I really like the idea of wrapping twine around the stems for a rustic-chic look.

Because the ceremony will be in the middle of my parents back yard, I love the idea of using flowers to create an aisle for my walk down from the house into the heart of the back yard.  One option I’m totally digging is using old soda bottles or wine bottles tied to sticks with some wild flowers in the bottle.  I did some scoping out last summer around my parents house and there are a boat load of yellow wild flowers around their property…hmmmm…funny how we chose yellow as one of our wedding colors.

Another aisle idea is growing some of our own baby’s breath in galvanized buckets and relocating the buckets to the site of the ceremony.  So pretty.

When it comes to centerpieces, my favorite idea so far is using some plain white flowers (home grown of course) and incorporating some color (yellow) in the form of fruit (lemons).  It’s a cheap and easy way to add some color rather than purchasing expensive, colorful flowers.

I also have to admit that I’m a sucker for billy button flowers.

I absolutely adore those flowers.  In Angie’s dream flower world, our wedding would be oozing with some plain white flowers planted and grown by my mom and I, some baby’s breath, and these billy buttons.  I’m not certain that we can actually grow billy buttons in Maine but hey, it’s worth a try.  I can’t just throw in the towel without giving it the old college try.

So hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go!  Good night everyone!  And (almost) merry Christmas to you!


  1. The baby’s breath in the galvanized buckets look like they were cut, then arranged in the buckets with floral foam (just so you know), if you grow them there there will be much more stem and leaf showing and probably be a lot leggier and a different look. My mom is a florist and grew a lot of the flowers for my wedding. And just so you know, roses wholesale (especially little spray roses for boutonnieres) are pretty inexpensive if you want a pop of color.

    1. Emily…thanks so much for the tip! I’m definitely doing baby’s breath and I’ll be sure to grow it out back and then “arrange” it in the buckets. I love that your mom grew and arranged your flowers! That’s such a nice touch and I love that idea! Your wedding sounds amazing!

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