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Wedding Wednesday: It’s In The Cards

This Wedding Wednesday blog post has been brought to you by the letter “C” for cards.  Shortly after our engagement, we received a few cards congratulating us on the big news.  Naturally, I wanted to keep them.  Remember that anti-hoarder post a week or so ago?  Yeah…that goes out the window when it comes to our wedding.  I wanted to keep the cards and I wanted to keep them in a super organized, interesting way.  So here we have our cards:

I saw on Pinterest how some people were keeping their cards by punching a couple holes in the cards and looping a couple of binder rings around them making a little notebook out of the cards.  I loved the idea and rolled with it armed with a package of 12 binder rings, which cost about $4 from Staples:

The process was so easy…so easy a caveman could do it.  Sorry, I couldn’t help it.  I have an uncanny ability to work in cheesy television commercials whenever possible.  I punched a couple of holes in the cards using my three hole punch:

I made sure that I didn’t always line up the cards along the bottom every time (or the top) so the cards would have a more staggered look once they were on the rings.  After punching the cards, I simply looped the binder rings through the holes:

And done:

The card collection is a little sparse and I used rings that were a little too big right now, but there’s room to grow.  I figure the card collection will grow into the rings (kind of like how when you get older you slowly grow into those mom jeans).  But I like that I have it in place and all ready to go so as we collect more cards, I can simply add them to the pile.  I’m also putting them in chronological order (not to be confused with map-o-logical order talked about back here) withe the most recent card on top.  The bottom cards are actually my birthday cards from Colby and Goose since the Colb-ster proposed on my birthday, making those cards extra special.  The birthday cards are followed by engagement cards and I’m anticipating later adding shower and wedding cards after that.  A mass of wedding related cards in one neat little, notebook-ish place.


  1. […] Just to name a few.  And strange enough, using the paint chips as bookmarks is usually my favorite use.  When I can’t find a paint chip and I need to go get a refill at the paint store, the first place I look for said missing chip is in the current novel I’m reading.  Odd, I know.  The paint chips needed a home.  A reliable place that I could find them, and find them often since painting seems to be my go-to project these days.  And I came up with a simple solution to organize the mess using a binder clip, leftover from the wedding card organizing project. […]

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