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Wedding Wednesday: Take A Number

Let the wedding crafting season begin!  She announces via megaphone to a room full of…errrr…Gooses & Colby-ies.  It’s official, I have started decor crafting for our upcoming wedding, and by upcoming I mean 72 days away but who’s counting?!  First up on the the craft list, table numbers.  And I’m just gonna cut right to the chase and show you the final product.  Voila:

It was a quick and easy project to get the wedding craft juices flowing.  Consider it my warm up for the main events such as garter making and bouquet arranging.  It all started with a mess of wooden numbers that I picked up at our local AC Moore for less than a $1 each.  Sadly they didn’t have enough twos and sixes so I need to go back to the store for two more of each.

And also a tube of yellow, acrylic paint which also cost less than a dollar.

So then I painted:

And Colby cut up some boards out of scrap wood to mount the numbers too.  The scrap wood came from a pile of old wood that we found underneath the front porch back in the day when we moved in.  Talk about thrifty!

I wasn’t 100% sold that the painted yellow numbers and naked blocks was a great combination.  I envisioned a slightly darker wood.

So out came my can of stain and I stained and polyed the blocks before hot gluing the two together.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  It almost took me as long to write this post as it did to make the table numbers.  Well…not really.  Some of those numbers were hard to paint, even with a tiny 1″ foam brush.  Me and eights are not friends.

But anyway, I’m completely smitten with the table numbers.  I find them adorable in a rustic sort of way.  AND it’s one of only a handful of ways I’m bringing yellow accents into the decor.  FYI…our wedding colors are navy and yellow with navy being the overpowering, in your face, “notice me, notice me” older sister.

While I don’t have ALL the details for our reception centerpieces worked out at the moment, I am envisioning something like in the above pic.  I intend to lean the numbers up against a clay pot which I intend to dress up a little bit.  More on that next week.

But in other wedding related news, I absolutely can’t believe that the big day is just a few months away.  It’s so soon!  I’m starting to get super excited and can’t wait for the W-Day.  It’s getting real…it’s getting real super fast!

Pssst…okay, enough about me, how are you all doing?  Still out there?  Mom?  Where’d you go?


  1. we are making our table numbers too! My dad has tons of wood working tools so he is cutting out numbers and then we are going to do silver paint, maybe with some sparklies added to it 🙂 Our colors are going to be royal blue and silver!

  2. Hi Angie! Ethan and I are also very excited for WD and good times with the clan!!Quick question, I have been looking for a yellow dress like your wedding color, is that inappropriate? I heart your navy blue attendant dress and thought that opened the door for some yella. I don’t want to be a *air quote* wedding faux pas.Hello to Colby and Goose!Xoxo,Michelle

    1. You’re too cute! And no such thing as committing a wedding faux pas at our shindig! You could wear a white dress and it wouldn’t bother me at all. I’m serious! We’re so glad you’re coming and we can’t wait to see you both! And hello back to you, Ethan and Hank!

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