Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Planner

I officially introduce to you, the first member of our wedding party….wait for it….the wedding planner book!

I declare the wedding planning season officially open!  So I have a bit of a confession to make about the wedding planning book.  It’s a good story I swear.  It’s not like one of those stories where you have to add on “and then I found five dollars” at the end because it’s so lame.  Nope, this story requires no extraneous payments.  So here it is. I actually bought this book before Colby and I were even engaged.  Ironically, I was buying this notebook at nearly the exact same moment Colby was buying me bling.  Weird, huh?!  It’s one of those odd universe situations.  But my reason for buying the book early was as follows:  we had gone looking at rings together a few months earlier so I knew marriage was in our cards, Borders (our only bookstore in town that carries wedding planning books) announced its closure, thus I ran out and picked out the notebook during the 40% off liquidation madness.  I knew I wanted a wedding planning notebook and wanted to pick it out in person.  That’s definitely not an order online situation at all.  With Borders closing, I felt it necessary to find one before the store was gone and hide it in my car until Colby popped the big question.  Turns out I only had to wait two days!

So that’s my little wedding planning notebook story.  Cute, huh?  In the meantime I’ve been frantically filling it out.  Actually, no not really.  This is all that is in it so far:

Pathetic accomplishments so far.  But I have been thoroughly reading its contents.  It’s full of to do lists (oh how I love lists), calendars, budget helpers, articles, tips, and ideas.  It even has these cool pocket folders in the back to store things in like the warranty info for my ring:

I have been working quite diligently on the budget for our wedding.  I’ve been pricing things out, getting an idea on costs, and deciding what is important to us and what isn’t.  For instance…kick ass band and party…important…fancy wedding dress not so important.  Although my mom tends to disagree.  She seems to think the dress is important.  We’ll see.  I may end up folding like a two dollar hooker that just got punched in the stomach by a guy with sores on his face.  (Anyone remember that famous Joey quote from Friends?  Just me?  Ok.  Maybe I should stop trying to work that into so many conversations?!)

The other wedding planning that’s been going on in the Campovich (that’s Campbell/Bohovich) household has been some serious scouring of the internet for wedding ideas.  Here are my favorite places to go so far:

The Style Me Pretty Blog at

The Offbeat Bride at

Oh yeah, and this little place called Pinterest.  I’m so addicted.  Anyone else got Pinterest on the brain 24/7 besides this gal?!

With all the web cruising and pinning going on, there are three things that I’ve discovered that are definitely going to happen with this wedding.  Well, at least until I change my mind in a week or two.

One…a blue and yellow combo.  I’ve been addicted to this color combo from engagement day one.  It’s so cute.  Did you see those shoes?!  Oh how I love shoes!  I actually own that exact pair and love them…almost as much as I love Colby (where’s the cheese police…somebody catch her!).

Two…mad lib RSVP cards.  How fun would these be?  I can only imagine some of the responses we would get!

And three…mason jars.  I love me some mason jars as drink ware!  And I think between my mom, grandma, and myself we should have more than enough mason jars to use as glassware for the reception.  Such a perfect touch especially for a county girl (for those not familiar with Maine…that’s Aroostook County…Maine’s Northern most county and the place I grew up).

So wedding planning is in full swing…now if we could only pick a date?  Hmmmm…..

Pssst…the inspiration pictures are from Pinterest which are also from the Style Me Pretty Blog.


  1. Just have to say is awesome for the creation of your own wedding website, and they also have some kickass checklists that will also help you count down. And sign up for brides magazine, its pretty exciting to see it in the mail every month 🙂 Goodluck planning. (and if you need any ideas for local vendors I’m currently going through all this, and almost done, and will have this whole complete wedding notebook that will probably go in a dusty box for posterity afterwards.)

    1. Oooooh…great tip! Thanks Emily! I hadn’t heard of before so this is awesome. It’s so much fun right now cruising and discovering all the different websites for info but I can’t imagine being almost done with all the planning….that must feel good! When is your big day? Coming up soon?

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