Wedding Week: Two Days And Counting

Holy craziness batman!  And I thought yesterday was nuts…today was like nuts on crack…or bath salts.  Sadly, I don’t have alot to share with you today.  Today was whoopie pie baking day and despite my best intentions, I didn’t photo document it.  Bad blogger…bad!  So instead of doing a whoopie pie baking play by play, or stepping you through the latest craft creation, here’s a little snap shot of what our day looked like:

We found a Brit….and he brought us gifts:

That’s a tote bag on the left and a picnic blanket on the right.  The Brit is one of Colby’s best friends from back in the day when they both lived in New Hampshire.  But sadly back to Britain he went and then Colby trekked off to Maine.  They haven’t seen each other in seven years, although they Skype regularly, so it was quite the little reunion.  And I like him already…and not just for his accent…or that he brought us gifts.

I adore that tea set.  I may have squealed just a little bit when I opened it.  I’ve been drooling over all the “Keep Calm & Carry On” merchandise for quite some time, and now I have some!  The best part is that they came from across the pond with the Brit when he flew in today.  Fun Fact…the Keep Calm and Carry On poster was originally produced by the UK government during the Second World War to boost the morale of the British public.  In 2000 it was re-issued and used for decor purposes.

The big task of the day was to bake all the whoopie pies for the wedding favors:

About eight hours and 140 whoopie pies later we were done.  And that’s 140 big suckers not those sad little bite sized ones.  These guys got some meat frosting to them.  And a HUGE shoutout goes out to my whoopie pie baking team (Jen, Sarah, Julie, and of course all the kids).  I couldn’t have done it without you.

I also made some centerpieces for the cocktail table centerpieces.

I swear my legs are permanently blue from spray painting the wine bottles and my fingers are raw from wrapping jute around the soda bottles.

And there may have been a little line dancing preparation going on.

I’m not gonna lie…there may be a line dancing portion of the wedding reception program.  Bring your cowboy boots folks!  I’ll have them and you should too!

Pssst…Tomorrow is the big rehearsal and rehearsal dinner bbq day.  We can’t wait for all our friends and family to arrive and spend some quality time.  It should be fun and I can’t wait to share all the pics with you all!


  1. I cannot wait to see some pretty pictures!! I totally want a whoopie pie too, they look yummy. Congrats guys and hope your day is beautiful, amazing and all about you, family and friends coming together to share in your joy and love for eachother!

    1. Oh goodness…whoopie day was nutso! But I found an amazing and easy recipe. I’m hoping to have more pics tracked down soon so I can share them with you all!

  2. So excited for y’all! I’ve settled down from my two weeks of craziness and have gotten back to blog reading. Thanks again for the guest post – it was awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the lovely wedding!

    1. Awwww…thanks so much Lindsay! I totally feel out of the blog loop from neglecting it this past week. I’ve got so much catching up to do with everyone…and especially with your trip!

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