Welcome to my blog!

Welcome everybody to my blog starring me (Angie Bohovich) and occasionally my handyman, otherwise known as my boyfriend Colby.  I hope to update all my friends and family of the goings on in my life, particularly my new house purchase, our quest for a dog, and the other randoms of life.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


  1. Hi Angie….great idea, this blog…we look forward to hearing/seeing all about your updates. Congratulations on your new home, Angie….great big step forward, huh? But a smart one….hope you got in on that tax break! It looks like a wonderful house! I love all those windows on that front porch….my grandmother had a porch like that with a big metal glider on it, and she’d sit there with us, just talking, maybe shelling peas or snapping green beans.Wishing you & Colby all the best!
    At. Colleen

    1. Thanks Aunt Col! Yes, I definitely got in there just in time for the tax credit, which is about to be the source for fix-it up money. The front porch is definitely one of my favorite features and I can’t wait to spruce it up. Unfortunately it’s the current location for construction debris waiting to go to the dump so it might be awhile. Sometime when you and Butch are cruising through to the county you’ll have to stop by and maybe enjoy a glass of iced tea on the refinished porch! Take care!

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