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30 Before 30

Since the sanding and mud slinging continues in our bedrooms, and I don’t have much else to report on the home improvement front, I thought I would share another little project I’ve been working on.  You see…there are only 413 days until I turn 30!  Eeeee gads!  And honestly, I’m having an ever so slightly hard time with it.  But at least Colby will always be older!  Ha!  But as 30 too quickly approaches I start thinking about how I want to slow down, smell the roses, and let go of my type A, list making personality.  So to do that, ironically I’ve made a list…a fun list…of 30 things I want to learn, see, and do before I hit the big three-oh.  I bring you, Angie’s 30 Before 30 Challenge.

  1. Get Married
  2. Go see the Timber Tina Lumberjack show in Bar Harbor
  3. Consider having children
  4. Join Colby for a romantic date night out
  5. Learn how to use the video function on my Nikon DSLR
  6. Purchase a big girl couch
  7. Try surfing
  8. Track down the world’s most amazing Sangria recipe
  9. Travel somewhere outside the continental US
  10. Run the Beach to Beacon road race
  11. Hike Cadillac Mountain
  12. Finish a quarter of the books on “The List”
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Learn to sew
  15. Bake Colby a birthday cake
  16. Learn to knit
  17. Dig for mussels on the Maine coast
  18. Finish the yearly photo books
  19. Make my own Christmas cards
  20. Spend a weekend in Southern Maine
  21. Go to an auction
  22. Send my mom flowers
  23. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends start to finish
  24. Explore Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  25. Cook through my recipe idea files
  26. Attend the infamous Brimfield antique show
  27. Become a mug club member at a local bar
  28. Organize the house
  29. Conquer Julia Child’s Le Boeuf Bourguignon
  30. Host a yard sale

And a few notes:

  • I know I’m getting married in August but I HAD to put at least one item in here that I KNEW I would complete.
  • Consider…note the word “consider” before “having children”…don’t get too excited mom!
  • I can’t believe Colby and I have NEVER been a romantic date!  What can we say, we’re pub and beer people.
  • That sangria recipe shall also be committed to memory!
  • If I don’t win the Beach to Beacon “lottery” (sadly not everybody who wants to run it can), I’ll find a comparable race instead.  Hmmm…Red Sox Race To Home Base perhaps?!
  • For those unfamiliar with “The List”…it’s the Times 100 greatest novels list that Colby and I are feverishly competing against each other to finish.
  • As much as I like to bake, I can’t believe I have yet to make Colby a birthday cake!  For shame!
  • Not only will I be learning to knit, but making a blanket for the guest room.
  • I’m sending flowers to my mom just because she’s my mom.
  • Auctions fascinate me.
  • I know “organize the house” is totally subjective…but I have a feeling I will “just know” when it’s done.
  • I have had the Julia Child cook book for about 8 years now…I have still too intimidated to try ANY of her recipes.

I know…it’s a totally random list.  Seriously…learn to knit, bar mug club and surfing…all totally related?!  Really?!  But those are things I’ve been wanting to do for a looooong time and it’s about time I started making those dreams a reality!  That may have just been a smidge too cliche for me.  Anyway, I’m taking my type A personality and we’re going to start tackling some of these!  And of course I’ll keep you posted along the way…especially the home improvement parts!

Pssst…now it’s your turn.  If you were crafting your own 30 Before 30 list (or 40 Before 40 list, etc) what’s on your list?  Feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what’s on your life to-do list.

Psssssst…I can’t take 100% credit for the creativity of the 30 Before 30 challenge. It’s out there on the blogosphere everywhere.  My inspiration came from Restored Style who has a great 30 Before 30 list.  But I do take the blame claim for the 30 Before 30 logos in this post.  Dork alert…logo making is totally my idea of a good time…hence two logos!


  1. surfing is fun but REALLY hard. You may get to cross that off your list with your Costa Rican honeymoon! We are going in January- just booked our flights. If you explore Portsmouth let us know! Thats our neck of the woods 😉 There is always red hook brewery tours!

    1. That’s totally the plan…Cost Rica = learn to surf time! When you get back you’ll definitely have to fill me in with all the where to go/what to see details! So exciting for you! And I’ll def give you a heads up when we head to Portsmouth! Would love to see you!

  2. You’ve got some great things on your list. I’d have to do a 50 by 50 list, yikes. But one thing I do want to do before 50 is visit the Grand Canyon. I’ve got just over 5 years but my son is starting college this fall so money will be tight.

    1. I always hear amazing things about the Grand Canyon…that might end up on my 50 Before 50 list…eek! I hope you get the chance to go!

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