Rustic Garden Trellis

Just about when I decided to start building the ark, the clouds parted and a yellow, glowing orb (more affectionately known as the sun) decided to show it’s face once again, gracing us with its presence.  In other words…it stopped raining and the sun came out to play this weekend.  Since our indoor projects could wait, we turned to a little gardening and built a trellis, future home of climbing roses, along the end of the deck.

Oh yes folks, that’s a trellis made out of sticks from the brush pile.  You see, last weekend, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday cleaning up the old brush pile in the back, backyard.  It took eight truck loads of brush, leaves, branches and stumps to get rid of two years of landscaping debris.  It was fun…wait for it…not.  But as unglamorous as it was, it’s done.  And the project yielded a slew of weathered branches that I just couldn’t part with.  I wanted to use these guys for a DIY project but didn’t exactly know what that project might be.  My first instinct was to make curtain rods with the branches, but Colby quickly put the kabosh on that one.  He didn’t actually say “no”, I could just tell…he gets that “look”.  But anyway, I had always dreamed of climbing roses for the road side of the deck and thought using those leftover branches would be a perfect use for them.  The branches also saved us money and kept us from buying pressure treated wood to make a trellis.

So out came the Paslode nailer and Colby tacked the sticks together in trellis form.

Adding one branch at a time.

Until the trellis ran three sticks wide and three tall.

After it was all assembled according to Angie specifications, Colby trimmed up the end pieces using a pair of loppers and called it good.

An almost finished trellis:

Oh but wait…each of the sticks are simply nailed together at the intersection.  But that wasn’t the original plan for assembling the trellis.  I had wanted to tie the sticks together using twine, but Colby suggested first tacking the sticks together using the nail gun, and then applying the twine over the pre-assembled intersections.

So with twine and a retractable knife in hand, I got to work adding the finishing touches.

When I was done winding the twine around the sticks, the intersections looked more like this.

I think it adds so much more character to the trellis.

I even picked up a couple of roses this weekend just for the occasion.  The lighter pink rose is a climbing rose which I’m hoping I can train to climb the trellis and help create a privacy screen of sorts, blocking traffic and passersby scoping us out on the deck.  The darker pink plant is a regular old rose bush that I’m planting to complement the climber.  I may plant a second climbing rose bush but I kind of want to see how the first guy reacts to the space, since spending $30 on one plant is not my idea of cheap.  But if all goes well, we’ll bring the little guy home a brother.  Can pink plants be boys?  Didn’t think so.

Pssst…How was your weekend?  Did anyone spend it in the garden, or just laze around soaking up the sun?  We also spent some serious time on the golf course (first time this year) and had a blast!


    1. Oooh…that’s what I was thinking too! The roses just need to grow FASTER! Ahaha! Thanks for stopping by.

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