A Goose In Sheep’s Clothing

So this blog post is about one part check out the rugs I picked up at Ikea last weekend for only $9.99 each…

And about eight parts oh my gosh check out our Goose in sheep’s clothing.

Poor Goose wasn’t entirely happy about this.  But dang that dog will do ANYTHING for a cookie.  His ears just perked up as he heard me type “cookie”.

This is his “Blue Steel” look.

100% begging for his gazillionith cookie of the day.  Seriously…he’s on a steady cookie diet.

And then the cookies went away revealing the real slim Goose-ie.

Goose seems to think that the faux sheep skin rugs from Ikea are more of thing that you eat rather than a thing to keep your tootsies warm and properly fuzz-i-fied upon waking on these chilly Maine mornings.

While we were in Connecticut last weekend for Colby’s sister’s wedding, I took quite the tour of the Ikea store in town and wound up purchasing four of these faux sheepskin rugs for only $9.99 each.  Two of them live in our master bedroom on my side of the bed and two of them on Colby’s side of the bed.

Initially I had wanted a big ol’ faux cowhide rug, but alas, it didn’t really fit well in our small, strange-angular bedroom.  So I settled…settled for fuzzy rugs instead.  And honestly, couldn’t be happier.  The rugs are so soft.  I just want to hang out with them all day and pet them while softly whispering sweet nothings into their ears.  What?!  Faux sheepskin rugs have ears!

The rugs are definitely a stretch from my usually light brown, woven or jute rug habit.  But they’re so fuzzy and bring a new texture into the room.

I like that the rugs are versatile.  There’s actually two rugs on each side of the bed.  I butted them up against each other so it kind of looks like one big rug…kind of.

But if for some reason down the road, we decide we don’t like the rugs in our room anymore, we can easily relocate them.  And they’re versatile.  We could throw one over a chair back, or use it as a chair cushion cover, or even as a new Goose bed.  He does have a soft spot for these rugs.  They provide a soft and squishy place for him to properly scout the yard for squirrels.

This shot makes me want to lay the new, wide pine wood floor in this room so the rugs pop a little bit more than their white on white combination currently going on.  But until that time, I’m digging the coziness the rugs add to our master bedroom.  Oh hot damn this is my jam.

Keeps me warming even in the A.M.  Y’all don’t understand…  Sorry, no more rapping for this evening.  I’m too old for this stuff!  Besides, this chica is tired…and sick…so she’s off to cuddle into bed where the rugs are within petting distance…I mean…arm’s reach.  Goodnight y’all!

Pssst…Anyone else pick up a new rug?  Or spend hours cruising through Ikea only to come back around to pet the same sheepskin rugs over and over and over again until finally placing said rugs into the cart?!  Just me…okay.  Or has anyone got lost in Ikea?!  Seriously!  I couldn’t figure out how to get out of there!  It’s a maze in there…a beautiful, beautiful maze.

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