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Return Of The Road Warriors

Annnnd…..we’re back…back….back from a road trip groove!  Seriously…we’re back for a little while after what seems like an eternity spent on the road and away from home.  There’s a reason why I’ve ratcheted down the blogging frequency recently, I’ve pseudo unplugged and skipped town for three road trips.  Here’s a snap shot of our road warrior-ness.  We’re very Xena Warrior Princess these days.

We racked up over 1,400 miles, took six vacation days from work, and canvased New England.  So what exactly did we do?!  Well, first there was the Red Sox game in Boston, you know, the same trip where we scored all the loot from Anthropologie and West Elm?

Then we went up to Island Falls, in Southern Aroostook County, Maine.  My parents’ have a condo there in the middle of the golf course.  So alas, Colby and I had to abuse use the condo to go golfing for four days straight.  It was legend wait for it dary.  Actually I have a love hate relationship with golf…I love it and all but man does it frustrate me!  Oh well…a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at work!

Then there was the biggest trip of the trio, down to New Haven, Connecticut for Colby’s sister’s wedding.

Sadly, I didn’t get a single shot of Colby and his sister.  I did get one of Colby and I but it turned out a little blurry.  It could work in a pinch.  But I did capture this shot of Colby, his dad, and step mom.

Do you see the resemblance between Colby and his dad?  I do I do!  The resemblance gets even more epic when they’re wearing matching baseball caps.  But what was (almost) as exciting as the big wedding celebration, the New Haven pizza.  The pizza in New Haven, Connecticut is renowned.  Fact.  Thus, a New Haven Pizza tour was in store.  Could we eat at three pizza joints in one day?  Challenge accepted!  Two in particular are featured pretty regularly on the Food Network….Sally’s Pizza:

And Frank Pepe’s Pizza.

Sally’s Pizza was closed, sadly for a death in the family, but we were able to enjoy Frank Pepe’s pizza.  We showed up at about 11:30 and shortly after our arrival a line had formed outside, people waiting for a seat and a slice.  Apparently it was THAT good.  And I can now confirm…Frank Pepe’s pizza is THAT good.  Oh Frank Pepe’s pizza with your delicious sauce and crispy, brick oven crust.  Swoon!

The second stop on the great pizza tour was a recommendation from Colby’s family, Modern Pizza.


In the end we both decided Frank Pepe’s was the joint that really melted our cheese and won the Great Pizza Tour of 2012.  But, Modern had a slight disadvantage.  It was stop number two, which was only a long walk after we gorged ourselves at Frank Pepe’s.  Colby thinks Modern may have scored higher if we had stopped there first, but I think he’s wrong.  And since I’m the wife my opinion stands, right?!  Isn’t that how this marriage stuff works?!  I’m 100% playing the wife is right card here.  Pizza is THAT important!

Pssst…I’ve got a few more road warrior type posts coming down the pipe including an Ikea shopping spree and potentially some more wedding crashing photos from Colby’s sister’s wedding.  Stay tuned.  And now that we’re back to our almost regular schedules (minus a bought of sickness that both Colby and I have seem to come down with) it’s time to get back into the house project grind.


  1. So glad the “Road Warriors” made it to New Haven, the wedding celebration would not have been complete without the two of you. Please don’t be strangers. As for the pizza, I’m a Modern man myself, it is far superior to Pepe’s or Sally’s.

    1. I’ve heard that the Campbell clan are loyal Modern followers…am I still allowed to be a Campbell if I prefer Pepe’s?! We definitely won’t be strangers…and don’t forget…the roads run both ways! Feel free to swing up to Maine anytime!

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