A Lowes Coupon And A MultiTool

In the pecking order of to-do lists for the house, replacing the light fixture above the sink in the kitchen was not even on the radar.  We still don’t have a bathroom vanity, just a board, but replacing the light suddenly became important.  I blame the Lowes coupon.  Curse you Lowes and your save $10 when you spend $50 coupons.  Actually, no not really, I LOVE those coupons.  Thus, off I went to pick up the light fixtures I’ve been stalking for months but couldn’t justify buying until now.  Colby, itching to find more uses for his new Milwaukee M12 multi-tool (we do indeed sell them at Bragg’s) concocted an idea to really dress up the kitchen, allow more light to come in, and redo the electrical for the new fixtures.  Thus a project was born!  The old heading came out, the new electrical went in, and now the painter needs to get her act together and finish up that project, painting the new decorative arch and expanded shelf.  It’s on the list.  Project number 374, I believe.


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