Maine Cottage Knock Off

Frustrated with the lack of organization and a “clean” look with our old media storage system, combined with the inspiration from a Maine Cottage creation, resulted in this masterpiece!   The Maine Cottage cabinet (which is IDENTICAL to what Colby and I created) cost a whopping $799!  But we recreated it for a fraction of the cost (1/11 to be exact).  Using Google SketchUp, Colby sketched out the entire cabinet making minor adjustments to suit our needs, such as the perfect bottom shelf height to store our DVD collection.  Colby, in true Colby fashion, built the entire thing in one day.  I went to tennis in the morning and returned in the early evening to the completed masterpiece.  I spent the next week priming and painting it and now it’s in perfect position in our living room and fully stocked!  It’s just missing doors.  But Colby the perfectionist (yes…that’s right…Colby and perfectionist in the same sentence…maybe I’m rubbing off on him?!) won’t let me finish them until he fixes them.  He wasn’t terribly happy with how they turned out.  But hey…that just makes for another blog post!

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