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Angie & Goose’s Day Of Fun

Show of hands…who used to watch the epic television series Friends?  Okay…keep those hands up.  Now, who remembers the episode when Chandler starts dating Janice…again…and Joey doesn’t agree and expresses his dislike for Janice…and Janice decides to take Joey out for “Joey and Janice’s Day Of Fun”?  That episode was my inspiration for today’s activities…and blog post.

So here’s the thing…yesterday at work my hard drive DIED a painful death.  A quick death, but a painful one.  I lost a little bit of work, probably a solid week’s worth but nothing too major…thank you back up drive!  So our IT guy was a rock star and ordered a new, industrial strength hard drive for me and my InDesign ways and had it shipped overnight.  But alas…I would not be with a computer all day today…Tuesday.  Since I’m overly dependent on my computer at work and will wind up in the office ALL WEEKEND LONG re-doing my work, I opted to take today off.  And instead of working on house projects or the blog or wedding stuff I opted to have Angie & Goose’s day of fun where we got to do whatever the heck we wanted to do when we wanted to do.  AND photo document the whole thing.  Here’s our day in pictures:

And now for the breakdown.  I documented most of our day…but did however skip photographing the two (yes two) luxurious showers that I took.  You’re welcome.

  1. Big Rock Style Bagel Breakfast:  For those of you who didn’t grow up in Northern Maine, a Big Rock Style Bagel is essentially a bagel slathered with butter, grilled, and topped with cream cheese.  It’s how my home town mountain made their bagels.  It was my favorite between runs on the slopes.
  2. Did The Laundry:  Yes, I enjoy laundry.  Yes, I know I’m weird.  But seriously, I like to do laundry but only if I don’t HAVE to do it.  My crazy laundry obsession makes me want to have a dozen kids just so I have an endless stream of laundry to do.
  3. Organized My Desk Mess:  My desk was getting out of control.  It needed organizing and I was a little too excited to tackle it.
  4. Flower Arrangement:  I made a little flower arrangement for the top of the wine rack.  It’s just two arrangements combined….the pink (fake) roses and the wine cork collection.
  5. Green Pepper & Hummus Snack:  Mid morning I was hungry.  So I took a little break and parked my butt on the deck for my favorite snack of sliced green peppers dipped in jalapeno hummus.  In the words of Rachel Ray…Yum-O!
  6. New iTunes Mix:  I made a new iTunes mix which was WAY overdue.  Then I rocked out to the mix while putting the dishes away and reloading the dishwasher.  There was definitely some pirouetting around the kitchen going on.
  7. Giffords Sundae For Lunch:  The combo du jour…peanut butter caramel cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.
  8. And A Dog Bone Sundae For Goose Too:  Which he devoured in under 10 seconds.
  9. Beer Thirty:  Then it was back home to crack a frosty, cold beer and a glass of water.  Gotta stay hydrated on 80 degree days like today (technically we topped out at 79 degrees but close enough).
  10. Wear Out The Goose Time:  Goose and I played fetch for about three minutes…tops…and then he found the one shady spot in the yard (still no leaves here in Maine) and parked his butt for the rest of the afternoon.
  11. Occupy Hammock:  And then it was time to support my all time favorite cause…Occupy Hammock.  Like a good occupier, I grabbed the books I was reading and parked my butt in the hammock for the rest of the afternoon.
  12. Pedicure Please:  Shortly before Colby came home from work I gave myself a little pedicure.  Please ignore the pink tinged legs.  I live in Maine.  This is what happens when Maine-ah skin meets sun.

Exciting life I lead, huh?!  But I have to admit, I had a blast!  It makes me want to have days like these more often.  Those lazy days with no mission, to-do list, computer or general drive.  Maybe I should do this once a month or so?  Take a random day off from work just to have an Angie day…and Goose…can’t forget the Goose.

Psst…I’m curious, if you had a totally free day, what would your activities include?  Any bookworms?  Fellow organizers?  Shoppers?  Occupy hammock-ers?


  1. Love that you had a Mom and Goose day!! I really love those times as well, only they were Mom and daughter time. We all can use those times and you are right, we all should do this kind of stuff at least once a month. I think the older generation used to have it right, when they would take Sunday’s off, go to church, gather the family, sit around and talk, take a nap, or play with the kids. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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