Angie’s White Box Challenge

Saturday morning, while it was hardcore snowing outside, we brought the white out inside and primed up the guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Primed

All it took was a couple of hours time and a gallon of primer to achieve the little white box.  Not gonna lie…I’m pretty sure this is the best the room has ever looked!  It’s so clean in there…and echo-ie!

Guest Bedroom Primed

And as I look into our own little white box, I can’t help but think about Design Star and the white box challenge.  Oh how I miss Design Star!  I wish that show was on all year round.  By the way, did you notice that HGTV is casting right now for design star?!  I’m totally signing up…kidding!  I couldn’t handle the pressure.  I would be the girl under a serious time constraint with a mess of a room and crying in the corner because “I just can’t do this…I need my mom”!  Anyway…do you guys remember Stanley and his white box?

For some reason, the entire time I was priming the guest bedroom all I could think about was Stanley’s light installation in his white box. I could pull that off.  Totally.  The Stanley meets Angie’s Roost.

Yeah…no.  Not quite my style.  But I appreciate his bravado.  Back to my sad little white box that I probably won’t do anything nearly as cool.

Guest Bedroom Primed

And there goes photo bombing again.  That’s what he does best.  That and staring out the window, even though there’s a five foot snow drift in front of the window.  Who knows, a squirrel may jump out of that drift at any moment and Goose is gonna be ready.

Goose Checking Out The Snow

And a little guest room to-do list update because, you know, the only thing I love more than a to-do list is crossing things off that list:

  • Prime the walls and ceiling
  • Paint the ceiling a bright white (Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint is my all time favorite)
  • Paint the walls a taupe/gray color
  • Install new flooring and poly the crap out of it
  • Install, stain and finish baseboards, window trim, door trim and even the new door
  • Since the attic entrance is in this room, install a pull down staircase and finish the opening (paint or stain, still haven’t decided)
  • Add some sort of flair to the window wall (maybe a stencil, maybe a pallet wall, maybe some wallpaper…still deciding)
  • Add bead board to the slanted party of the ceiling, painting it bright white
  • Decide on and install a new light fixture for the space
  • Make some curtains (I’m thinking white with some fringe or pom poms)
  • Build a custom daybed for the space
  • Turn a little dumpster diving find into a sweet little night stand
  • Add some storage and shelving
  • Art, art and more art

Pssst…The white box photos came from the HGTV blog.

Psssssst…Did anyone notice the new header image on the blog?!  I’m in love with it and I can’t believe it took me this long to make a new, customized header image.  Colby and I had a blast taking photos for this and I adore the added Goose touch to the header.  He even looks like he’s going after the bird in the logo!  Ha!  Silly bird dog Goose!


    1. It’s probably still the old one showing thanks to dear ol’ cache. If you’re on my blog and hit ctrl-r it refreshes it and you should see the new one.

    1. Eeee…thanks! I’m smitten over it. I’m pretty sure my favorite part is Goose in his sitting pretty pose, looking like he’s after that bird in the logo! And I didn’t forget about you and your Maine honeymoon…I’m working on a list of stuff…I swear. I’m just slow sometimes!

      1. Goose does look like he’s after the bird! That is so awesome! No rush… I seriously have the biggest list of to do’s for the wedding and it’s slow going crossing anything off. Btw that snow storm you guys got was crazy and to think I was irritated with the 9 inches we got a few weeks ago!! Oh winter! 🙂

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