Taking A Trek On The Himalayan Side

And just like that, our guest bedroom is officially painted.  Booyah.

Painted Guest Room

I wish I could tell you that we “hemmed and hawed” over the wall color, tested out the paint chips in the room during various times of day and light, and made an informed decision after serious deliberations.  But I can’t.  Instead, I turned to the Privet House for Target napkins that I picked up last year (they’re my color inspiration for the guest bedroom) and picked the paint chip that best complemented the colors in the napkin.

Guest Room Color Palette

And with Nemo about to hit us at full force, I quickly chose Benjamin Moore’s Himalayan Trek wall paint and ran to the Aubuchon Hardware to pick it up just as the snow started coming down, and only 15 minutes before the store was closing.

Guest Room Color Palette

The Himalayan Trek color was the closest chip to the taupe-ie grey color in the napkin.  Essentially, I tried to duplicate that color.  It’s pretty close with just a little more gray in the wall color than the color in the napkin.  But I was DYING to paint the room this past weekend, thus a snow storm and color deliberations weren’t about to stop me.  So home we came with a gallon of Himalayan Trek in Eggshell.

Guest Room Paint

This was our first attempt at using Benjamin Moore wall paint.  I’ve been a pretty loyal Valspar fan until recently when they changed their formula and jacked their prices.  I’ve used the Benjamin Moore ceiling point religiously and loved it so it was time for a wall paint try.  I’m not gonna lie, I loved it!  It was the first time that I used a “one coat paint” that actually worked in “one coat”.  Imagine that!  The coverage was impeccable and the eggshell finish feels a little more silkier than eggshell.  It’s almost satin like.

Anyway…I started by cutting in all the corners and spaces where the wall meets the ceiling.  And of course Goose photo bombed since that’s what Gooses do.

Cutting In Around The Guest Room

I’m not a much of a fan of taping a room for painting.  I used to do that but found that I spent alot of time taping and the result wasn’t always perfect.  I had just as many screw ups, if not more, by taping a room than I did by carefully cutting in, so a cutter inner  am now.

Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek

It only took a couple of hours to paint the entire space, the one bonus of having a small bedroom.  I was a little nervous at first whether or not I chose the right paint color, but after it dried and I tacked up the napkins to the wall I knew we had made the right choice.

Painted Guest Room & Accent Colors

The color is perfect and all I imagined.  And I can’t wait to get to the decorating part of this room’s makeover, adding pops of green and coral all over the place.

Napkin Inspiration For Guest Bedroom

But alas, there is still so much left to do in this space on the “heavy construction” part.  I think that’s a cue for the to-do list recap.  Shall we?!

  • Prime the walls and ceiling
  • Paint the ceiling a bright white (Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint is my all time favorite)
  • Paint the walls a taupe/gray color
  • Install new flooring and poly the crap out of it
  • Install, stain and finish baseboards, window trim, door trim and even the new door
  • Since the attic entrance is in this room, install a pull down staircase and finish the opening (paint or stain, still haven’t decided)
  • Add some sort of flair to the window wall (maybe a stencil, maybe a pallet wall, maybe some wallpaper…still deciding)
  • Add bead board to the slanted part of the ceiling, painting it bright white
  • Decide on and install a new light fixture for the space
  • Make some curtains (I’m thinking white with some fringe or pom poms)
  • Build a custom daybed for the space
  • Turn a little dumpster diving find into a sweet little night stand
  • Add some storage and shelving
  • Art, art and more art

But our next steps are to install the floor and install the attic ladder.  We’ve purchased the materials for both of these projects so it’s go time!  I know what we’ll be up to this weekend!

Pssst…Okay, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, what did you guys do to celebrate?  Anything special or are you a lay low kind of person?  Colby and I cooked dinner together and ate it by candlelight using our wedding china for the first time.  Oh…and we gave each other pretty much the same card.  #heismylobster #wearemeanttobe


  1. I think I accidentally closed this tab before my comment could go through so apologies in advance if this is a duplicate!

    I love the paint color (and the name! I think I would pick it for the name alone). I always love when I nail a paint color on the first try. And by always I mean the one time it actually happened. I may just be on a mint kick but I think that color would complement your pallet really well. Just a thought :] Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the room evolves.

    1. Haha! I do that kind of thing (with the comments) all the time…ironically with your blog! Oh…and I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m totally crushing on mint right now too…I love your mint board on Pinterest…but me thinks I’m going to save it for some bathroom accents. We’ll see!

  2. I too am a cutting-in fan and don’t use any tape when painting (unless doing stripes or something). I am much happier with the result. Loving the new color and the overall color scheme. Saw your note about the beadboard on the slanted wall, can’t wait to see that!!! Have a great weekend Angie!

    1. Yes! Cutter-in-ers unite! Haha! And we’re thinking of installing the bead board this weekend so you won’t be waiting too long! I can’t wait either!

  3. Hello Angie,

    I love the color you painted your guest room, my bedroom has the same slanted walls. I was actually wondering what color your ceiling is painted? I am considering replicating these colors. Thanks so much, love your work! – Sarah

    1. Awww…thanks so much for the sweet comment! Okay, so here is color combo for the room. Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek for the walls, Benjamin Moore Ceiling White paint (straight outta the can, no tint or mixing needed) for the ceiling, and when we installed the bead board on the ceiling slants we used Valspar Betsy’s Linen. Not that I’m biased or anything…but that straight outta the can Benjamin Moore ceiling white paint is my favorite (and I’ve tried many). It’s such a fabulous bright white and you don’t even have to tint it! Hope this helps (I’ll email this info to you too just in case you don’t get it here) and let me know if you have any questions!

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