Birthday Cake, Birthday Cake

It’s official…I can check another item off my 30 Before 30 list.  Well…technically two because I also got married.  But I’m not officially officially checking it off until I have a bunch more pics to share with you all and a big recap of our big day.  But anyway…item number two to get checked off the list…bake Colby a birthday cake….CHECK!

So I took over the kitchen, brought up an easy white cake recipe on the iPad, and fired up the Kitchen Aid.

Can I just take a moment to digress about how much technology has taken over?!  An iPad has replaced my cookbooks in the cookbook stand these days!  Sheesh!  But getting peanut butter stains on the iPad just ins’t as cute/character-ific as getting peanut butter stains on an old cookbook.

After frosting the cake with a homemade peanut butter frosting and decorating it with some chopped up chocolate, Colby’s birthday cake was good to go.  I should have put candles on it and made him blow them out while I sang him happy birthday.  Scratch that.  No one wants to hear me sing on their birthday. That’s just plain mean!  Apparently I spent the money my parents gave me for singing lessons on new shoes.  Sparkly ones.  In pink.

After I finished fluffing and prepping the cake, the birthday boy came out to admire it.  He turned the big thirty-faux yesterday (not thirty-four…thirty-faux…as in he’s in his thirties but doesn’t want people to know just how far into this thirties…he’s such a girl).  Colby even brought out his bedroom eyes for the cake occasion.

And then this happened.

No…I did not prompt him or suggest this.  He did this all on his own!  Our little photo shoot conversation went something like this:  “Colby…will you take a picture with your cake?” to which he responds “wouldn’t it be cool if I wore that glass thing like a hat?”  He’s a thirty-faux year old going on nine!  That’s why I married him!  Wait…not that I’m into boys…that’s not what I meant…I’m just gonna stop talking now.

So what’s my little 30 Before 30 checklist looking like now?

  1. Get Married
  2. Go see the Timber Tina Lumberjack show in Bar Harbor
  3. Consider having children
  4. Join Colby for a romantic date night out
  5. Learn how to use the video function on my Nikon DSLR
  6. Purchase a big girl couch
  7. Try surfing
  8. Track down the world’s most amazing Sangria recipe
  9. Travel somewhere outside the continental US
  10. Run the Beach to Beacon road race
  11. Hike Cadillac Mountain
  12. Finish a quarter of the books on “The List”
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Learn to sew
  15. Bake Colby a birthday cake (August 19, 2012)
  16. Learn to knit
  17. Dig for mussels on the Maine coast
  18. Finish the yearly photo books
  19. Make my own Christmas cards
  20. Spend a weekend in Southern Maine  (July 20 – 22, 2012)
  21. Go to an auction
  22. Send my mom flowers
  23. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends start to finish
  24. Explore Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  25. Cook through my recipe idea files
  26. Attend the infamous Brimfield antique show
  27. Become a mug club member at a local bar
  28. Organize the house
  29. Conquer Julia Child’s Le Boeuf Bourguignon
  30. Host a yard sale

Two down…28 to go.  And considering I made this list in June, meaning I’ve averaged about 1 item per month, I really better step it up to conquer everything by July 2013!  Doh!

Pssst…While I was slaving over a hot oven this weekend (and painting….there was definitely some painting going on too) what were you all up to?  Relaxing by a lake?  Playing some golf?  Putting strange objects on your head?!  Seriously!  Anyone else have a husband or friend that puts cake domes on their head?!  Just mine?!  I was afraid of that.


    1. Haha! About time someone commented on that! It was so great seeing you both a couple weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed your time in Maine!

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