Llama Llama Not A Llama

It’s official, we’ve gone off the deep end, diving head first into crazy town.  We’ve adopted a llama.  It’s not what you think, I swear, it’s just the pet name (haha…bad pun police…bad pun police) we have for these chimney fire pits.

And ever since we brought the llama home I can’t stop singing the llama song.  Word of caution…it’s addicting.  Do not…I repeat…do not watch this right before bedtime.  It will give you nightmares play through your head repeatedly all night long.

But alas, we adopted a llama from Lowes for a whopping $79.

We used to have a fire pit in the same exact location and it was one of those permanent, built out of bricks ones.  Colby and his cousin Eric built it within the first few months of moving into the house.  But behold the power of water.  In the spring a river run-eth through-eth our backyard and quickly washed out the fire pit.  And it took us about two years to decide on a new fire pit.

But we did resurrect the bricks from the washed away fire pit to build a base for the llama.

Maybe I should divulge a little about why we call these chimney fire pits a llama.  It started a few years ago when our neighbors up the street had one of these chimney fire pits hanging out in front of their house.  For some reason Colby and I thought it looked like a llama, something about the shape of it, and have since called that house the llama house.  The llama has since moved to the back of their home but it’s still the llama house to us.  Crazy kids.  And then I found $20.  Actually, for a story like that I think I need to find $1,000 to make it somewhat more interesting!

We made our llama fire pit purchase the weekend before our wedding and it was really intended for our backyard bbq rehearsal dinner, but I’m pretty sure no one used it that night.  We’ve spent more time burning old receipts in it instead.  But we adore the llama and foresee a few s’more nights in our future once temps dip below 80 and the humidity disappears a little.

And I wish I could say that our little llama purchase was well thought out or planned.  It was more like this “hey a llama”…”you like it?”…”I have a Lowes gift card”…”cool”…”I’ll get a cart”.  Our convos are deep yo!  Nothing like a little impulse llama purchase to kick off our wedding week.

Pssst…show of hands, who watched the video?  It gets better with age, I swear!  Watch it about twenty times in a row and you’ll thank me for it…or more like come chase me down with stones!


  1. Hey!!! Loved the wedding pictures! YAY!!

    About this Llama – ummm, fire burning thing. I really want one for our back yard but do like flamie things that are on fire come out of the top? The reason I ask is because our back yard is basically covered by a humungo tree and if that thing when up in flames the whole neighborhood would be gone, our landlord (btw, I hate having a landlord again) would kill us and you know, it would just be a big mess, so do tell. I miss having fires, especially in the fall.

    1. Eeee…thanks Blythe! So…the llama…so far no flames come out of the top, just smoke. We made a fire last night and Colby filled it pretty full and definitely no flame shooting. I think it would be okay for your space, but I would still err on the side of caution. I totally feel your fire fear!

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