Blogiversary II

Happy Blogiversary!  Can you believe it?!  The blog baby is two already!  They grow up so fast (she says as a glistening tear rolls down her cheek).  And like any good mama, I made cake for the birthday blog:

And yes that’s one of Martha’s domed cake stands from Macy’s.  I love, love, LOVE it!  And not just because it’s from the Martha line (I may have an ever so slight crush on that old broad), but also because it keeps the Goose from getting into the cake.  Mmm…cake.

It’s the layered, pink lemonade cake that was featured on the cover of the May Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

You can get the recipe for both the cake and the lemonade butter cream frosting here.  And FYI…it’s amazingly delicious!

So as I cut a little slice for the birthday blog, complete with two candles and a frosty glass of lemonade, let’s talk about the blog a little bit and reminisce.

Although the blog is two, I didn’t really get into blogging or hit my stride until recently, probably around October/November.  That’s when I moved the blog over to it’s own self hosted domain, branded Angie’s Roost (my old domain used to be, not so good), and started to work on blog design and some features (still a huge work in progress).  So even though the “new” blog is only about seven months old, I still consider it’s birth date to be May 18, 2010, just 18 days after closing on our home.  And for anyone going back and reading many of the early posts…we’re talking the pre-Russia posts…I’m so sorry.  They’re a bit…well…rough.  Not my best work.  But I was finishing up my MBA during that first year and was a little time strapped.  Sadly, the first thing to go most days was blogging…hence the sporadic posts.  But I learned alot in that first year.  Mmmm…this cake is yum to the eeee.

Occasionally I get asked, “why do you blog?”.  It’s not my job like some full time bloggers.  I’m a full time marketer by day and a blogger/DIYer by night.  Kind of like Batman…okay…not the same thing.  But anyway, it’s just a hobby of mine that I absolutely love!  It’s like my own little dear diary of all the blood, sweat and tears that we’ve put into our old home.  I blog for me first and foremost, and then secondly for my mom.  She’s my biggest fan and has referred to my posts as her “chicken soup for the soul”.  My grandma also is an avid reader of my “bog” as she affectionately calls it…she’s so cute!  Love you Mom and Grandma!  I don’t get to see them as often as I like so it’s one way they can live vicariously through our daily shenanigans.  I also blog for all of you.  I love your comments, they energize me and get me all geeked up like a tuba player in the Rose Bowl parade.  You all are so sweet and so much fun to interact with!  There would be no Angie’s Roost without you.  I probably would have given it up a long, long time ago!

And as for the future for my blog?  I have so many goals and visions for it, just like our home, and just like our home, I have limited time to work on it.  But I have every intention in the world to keep plugging along, posting daily (well…Sunday through Thursday evenings), and adding a few features here and there.  And in true Angie fashion, I thought I would share my to-do list for blog enhancements:

  • Come up with a system to visually organize the archives
  • Add an “Our Paint Colors” section
  • Start a page for “$%^& My Boyfriend Says” (Colby says some seriously random things just about every day and it’s about time I started sharing those with you…he cracks me up.)
  • Write a big post about our wedding (only about 80 days to go)
  • Fix the header (it drives me nuts that there are essentially two headers…I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get rid of the second one)
  • Start a Facebook page
  • Add blog buttons for “Blogs I Stalk”, “To-Do List” (and actually update it), “Videos”, and “Favorite Posts”
  • And much more I’m sure

So thank you all for sticking around, reading my ramblings, and whispering sweet nothings…I mean…sending me comments and emails!  Here’s to year number three being the best blog year ever!  So now I’m off to enjoy my second piece of cake today.  But I justified it by taking the pup for a nice, long four mile jog.


  1. I love your Blog…keep up the awesome posts since you’re the first blog I ready every morning at work! 🙂 I cannot wait to hear about your wedding…it’s getting close! I’ve got another 16 months to go til my big day.

  2. yay happy bloogiversay! omg that cake, me and a co worker were eyeing that up a few weeks ago. yours looks delicious. keep on posting, i love your style and posts. there are a lot of blogs out there that are just too uppity for designer-y for me or too motherhood-focused. And there’s only a small segment of people who work on/blog about old houses, WHAT WHAT REPRESENT!

    1. You’re the best! I’m still all kinds of giddy from this comment. Yeah old houses! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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