Hair Accessory Storage

I’m pretty sure that’s just about the most boring post title I’ve ever used.  And it totally gives the project away before we even launch into the details.  For shame!  But I’m tired after just returning home after a riveting tennis match.  But anyway….for about a year we’ve had this wooden bowl hanging around our house.

More specifically, she’s been hanging around the porch where things that don’t belong seem to end up.  It’s kind of like Rudolph and the island of misfit toys.  It’s a great bowl…the lid comes right off it and there’s lots of room inside.

The bowl was an old bowl of Colby’s mom’s who handed it down to us.  I love the bowl and all, but kind of like the pig tray, I just didn’t really dig the color or decorative design on it.  I know, about a million wood lovers and decoratively painted wood lovers are throwing things at me and my general direction, but that’s just my style.  So I broke out the spray paint.

And spray primed it, laying on several thin and even coats, after sanding and scuffing up the finish of course.

Until the entire design and wood grain was completely covered with the primer.

Then I picked out a turquoise color paint from Lowes.

And went to town layering on several thin and even coats of the spray paint until I officially had a turquoise colored bowl.

I have to admit, I had no idea what I was going to do with the bowl after I spray painted it.  I just thought it would look pretty awesome sporting the turquoise finish and I would figure out what to do with her afterwards.  AND she kind of fits in with the whole blue theme that seems to be recurring in our house.

While spray painting away, the shelves in the bathroom just so happened to look like this.

It was like a hair accessory bomb blew up in there.  All because the day before I couldn’t find a barrette for my hair.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Putting two and two together with the not-obvious-at-all title and the little segue from the painted bowl?  So yeah, the old hair accessory container had to go.

It’s been with me since eighth grade and it was time for an upgrade.  It’s just one of those cardboard containers that you get from Bed Bath & Beyond when you purchase a gift basket.  You know…the soap and lotion is packed neatly into the container?  I can’t believe I’ve held onto it this long as a hair accessory container.  It has served it’s purpose, but it was just too small.  So I dumped everything out of that poor old guy, tossed a few glitter hair bedazzles from middle school (hi…my name is Angie….and I’m a pack rat), donated some headbands to salvation army, and then put back only the hair accessories I use on a regularly basis into the new turquoise bowl.

So much better.  The other joy of the project was running around the house retrieving all my barrettes from their hiding places including the desk, media cabinet, and even kitchen sink.  Apparently I have a habit of leaving them all over the house.  But now they’re all tucked in nice and neat in the freshly painted wooden bowl who lives on the bathroom shelves.

And it’s so easy to reach right in there and grab an accessory or two in the mornings while I’m doing my hair.

Oh organizational bliss!  Not only do I love the organization, but the larger size of the bowl makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for without dumping it’s entire contents out on the shelf.  And the punchy, bright color helps too!

Pssst…I just have to give a HUUUUUUGGGGGGGE shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, Roeshel, from the DIY Showoff who just featured my ombre staircase baluster project on her blog!  Eeeeeee!  I’ve been on cloud nine for the past 24 hours!  Please go read the feature on her blog here.  And don’t forget to tell Roeshel how much you love her too!

Pssssssst….ALSO, I’ve been thinking about adding some cool new buttons and functionality to the blog since it’s kind of on the boring side.  I want to trick out my blog…kind of like what Xzibit does to cars.  First, I want to update the “Blogs I Stalk” part since I have about 30 new faves to add that I’ve learned about over the last year.  But are there any features, or functions you all would like to see?  Please let me know!  I love your opinions!

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