Blue And Orange Fall Tablescape

First up on the docket on the “It’s Fall Y’all” fall decorating festival, the fall themed tablescape.  Thar she blows:

When it came to putting together the fall tablescape, I had two mandates upon myself.  One…I wanted to have a harvest theme.  Afterall, this is the start of harvest vacation up in the county and I am afterall, a county girl (FYI…we harvest taters up there).  You can take the girl outta the county but you can’t take the county outta the girl!  Did I really just say that?!  Anyway….and two…I had to use what I already had on hand.  The one exception, I purchased four mini pumpkins from the grocery store for only $0.69 each.

Here’s another angle so you can get the full scope of the tree branch centerpiece.  Please excuse our psuedo under construction kitchen ceiling and ugly as sin ceiling fan.  That has gots to go!

My favorite part of the tablescape design was the mini pumpkins.  I envisioned using the pumpkins at place cards, with the dinner guest’s name attached to it.  But I opted to keep it generic and went with the phrase “harvest” on each pumpkin.

I made the tags with a stamp kit, kraft paper, and twine, all leftover supplies from our wedding place cards/favors.

I’m not gonna lie, this was the most fun I’ve ever had making a tablescape.  I think it’s because I actually had dinner service ware on hand thanks to our wedding gifts.  For instance, the table runner was a shower gift from one of my best friends in high school, the salt and pepper shakers were a gift from Colby’s family, and the napkins and chargers were from Colby’s best man and his wife.  HUGE thank you shout out to all our friends and family for the beautiful wedding gifts!

Here’s another shot of the place setting combo.

I love the blue/orange color combo.  It seems to be a recurring theme throughout our house so it was only fitting to go with it for a fall themed table setting.  And I love how the blue brings in a touch of un-traditional fall color.  Fall decor doesn’t need to be all red/orange/yellow to be fall-ish.  Sometimes a little blue can be refreshing.

When it came to the centerpiece, I kept it simple and used what I had.

I had a clear vase on hand, filled it with sticks from our brush pile, and filled the vase with corn kernels that are typical used for popcorn.

I even added a little extra ambiance by placing a couple of tea lights in a snack bowl (also a wedding gift) filled with corn kernels.

It was easy and CHEAP and I may be biased here, but awfully cute!  And the corn kernels give off a natural, harvest-ie vibe that ties in perfectly with the mini pumpkins.

And another obligatory aerial shot of the table.

The table runner down the middle of the table, across it narrowly as opposed to lengthwise, was a total happy accident.  I wanted to run it lengthwise but there is a seam that runs across the table that I wanted to cover it up.  Why not cover it with a table runner?

And for all you regular readers out there, here’s a test for you.  Notice a little sumpin’ sumpin’ go on in the background?!  Kitchen closet doors perchance?!  Stay tuned for a little kitchen closet progress report on that project that we started…oh…say three months ago?!  I know, I know….procrastinators say what?!  What.

So that’s my little It’s Fall Y’all tablescape story which I plan to link up at The Lettered Cottage’s post tomorrow as part of the It’s Fall Y’all blogging series.  Be sure to stop by The Lettered Cottage to check out Kevin and Layla’s tablescape and all the other snazzy tables out there in blog land.  It’s sure to be fun ogling all those gorgeous tables!  My Pinterest trigger finger is already itching at all the ideas that are brewing out there!

Pssst…next up on the schedule for tomorrow, outdoor decor.  Booyah!


  1. Love! I had (key word) a couple jars filled with candy corn and candles for decoration on our livingroom table. I came home from work yesterday and most of the candy corn was eaten. I had to laugh seeing the candles still sitting there in the jars with no candy left!

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