Bring On the Guests

With a puppy who still very much acts like a puppy and chews on things like a puppy, we didn’t think new furniture would be on the radar.  But come tax return season, we trekked on down to the local furniture store to find a stylish futon for the office.  Yes, that’s right, stylish and futon in the same sentence.  But we found one.  We were looking for a furniture solution for the office that would both be study conducive (for me) and napping conducive (for Colby).  It’s a Click-Clack leather futon that acts like an old school lawn chair.  You click it forward to pull it back and open it into a bed.  So, for all those out there that would want to visit us we now have a “bed” to put you up in!  The Bohovich-Campbell reservation desk is now open!

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  1. Kitchen looks great. Shelf looks great. Dog looks uhhhhh. Gert and I will be up to test the Couch. Good job you two.

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