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Angie's Roost family in front of their old Vermont farmhouse

Hi there!

I’m Angie

I’m Angie (and that’s Colby and our minis). Together, we’re on a mission to renovate our #circa1781 farmhouse in Vermont into our dream home. One budget project at a time. We aim to inspire others to learn DIY and cultivate a home with character. Read more…

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An unfinished attic turned into a large walk-in closet with white painted flooring, exposed beams, shiplap ceiling, and a vintage dresser

Most Popular DIYs

Our most popular DIY projects and renovations according to our readers! From a full gut bathroom renovation (on a budget!) to a custom laundry room folding table and even small projects like building a window shelf for plant babies.

Decluttering shoes that don't fit and are uncomfortable from closet wardrobe, a pair of faux calf hair slingback pumps going into the donation pile

Year Of Decluttering

I officially declared 2024 the year of decluttering the #campbellcompound. Follow along as we reclaim our space from clutter, sharing tips and lessons learned along the way. Who’s with me?!