Builder Grade Boring Turned West Elm-ish Awesome

So I sat down tonight to write up a nice little reveal post/tutorial on how we took our builder grade boring bathroom mirror and DIYed it into this amazingly awesome, West Elm-ish mirror.  It’s totally awesome and one of my favorite projects to date.  But then I realized I took OVER 200 PICTURES over the process.  200 PICTURES PEOPLE!  Of a mirror!  Who does that?!  Crazy blogger photographer say what?!  Since I don’t want to be up all night sorting through photos and attempting to write the tutorial, I’m just gonna leave you with a little end of the week eye candy with some before and afters.  We’ll get to the tutorial portion of the program next week.  But without further ado, I bring you one of my favorite projects that we’ve tackled to date…our refreshed bathroom mirror.

Wood Tiled Mirror Frame

And just because you can’t truly appreciate the amazing after effects without a solidly boring, plain white mirror before shot….thar she blows in all her builder grade boringness.

Finished Buffet Turned Bathroom Vanity

Way back when, over three years ago, we picked up that bathroom mirror at a yard sale for $10 after Colby accidentally broke our previous mirror (he’s still paying off that 7 year debt of bad luck).  It used to be some weird, tortoise shell, brown colored monstrosity that we quickly spray painted white to shield our eyes from all that is bad and wrong.  We lived with the white mirror for a long time until we painted the bathroom mint and turned an old buffet into a bathroom vanity.  Then the builder grade mirror just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  It needed some jazzing up to fit in with the freshened space.  And around the same time I was racking my brain for ways to refinish the mirror, I feel in love with a night stand from West Elm.

I loved the wood tiled style of the dresser front and given that we had tons of scrap wood kicking around, it practically cost us nothing to give the mirror the West Elm treatment.  But I’ll share more on that next week.  For now, a little more eye candy.

Wood Tiled Mirror Frame

Do you like my little $5 flower arrangement tossed in the mix?  I love cheap flowers!  I picked them up at our local Hannaford while grocery shopping the other night.  They’re “filler flowers” and I had intended to put them in the jars on the rope shelf.  But I had tossed them in a clear vase with water to bring them up to the bathroom to start playing flower arranger.  Once I plopped them on the vanity top, I loved them there so much I couldn’t bear to move them.  It was like a Bob Ross happy little accident.

Wood Tiled Mirror Frame

Alright…playtime is over.  I have to go start sorting through those photos or else I’ll be at it all weekend trying to put the tutorial together.  And I have SOOOO many better things to do this weekend…like gardening!  That is, if it ever stops raining!  Seriously rain…go away.  We’ve had enough and we miss our good friend, Mr. Sun!

Pssst…What do you guys have planned for the weekend?  Any projects going on?  Or a little drooling over West Elm items?  Oh West Elm how I love thee!


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