Christmas Card Outtakes

I’m still pseudo in denial that it is December.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I’ve been rocking the flip flops and lathering on the sunscreen, ready to soak up those not so existent rays.  But alas, it is in fact December…and alas, I suppose it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  One of my goals this year was to make my own Christmas cards and as part of that project I needed a “family” photo.  We took those photos a couple of weeks ago and thought I should share with you some of the outtakes.  I’m not gonna lie…a few of them are doozies!  This was our first attempt:

Awkward say what?!  We were trying to do the whole bring-out-the-Christmas-lights look that you see all over Pinterest.  Then there was this one, with our fake smiles and general uncomfortableness.

Neither Colby or I are terribly comfortable in front of a camera (I usually try to show off ALL of my teeth when I smile).  Especially the camera/timer combo.  Then we tried to get Goose involved but he was just not having it.  Pain in the butt dog child!  I guess there are in fact some things that Goose won’t do for a cookie.

And then there’s the Colby-grabbed-my-butt-just-as-the-camera-went-off.  Note Colby’s smirk.  Pain in the butt husband…literally.

Then things got a little better…

Before this train wreck happened:

That pic has Facebook profile pic written all over it!  And then I thought it would be a good idea to hang Colby by the Christmas lights.  Because nothing says Christmas than fake strangling.

Followed up by the obligatory lovey-dovey, I’m about to kiss you pic that’s just SO not us.  The hanging Colby picture is more appropriate for a pair of laid back, goofy “kids” (I use the term loosely).

Frustrated with our results (no joke…these pics are the cream of the crop…you should see the REALLY bad ones), we moved the show into the living room and got Goose involved.  This time he cooperated.

Well, kind of.

But we finally got this picture, the one we determined the winner for our Christmas cards.

You may have recognized it from our “Happy Thanksgiving” post.  We had taken it just a few days before Thanksgiving and it’s one of the only pics we have as a “family” (we totally consider Goose our dog child) and couldn’t wait until Christmas to share it.

Now with the Christmas card photos done, and the outtakes shared, it’s time to actually make the cards.  Truth time…they’ve been created and ordered, I’m just waiting on their arrival.  And you know I’ll share them with you but not until after our friends and family receive them.  Nothing like reading about a Christmas card just before receiving it in the mail!

Pssst…Anyone else have difficulties getting their family to cooperate for their holiday card pic?!  This was our first go so here’s to an easier time and hopefully a better pic next year!

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