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Cur-Tain My Enthusiasm

Shortly after the arrival of our new couch (shortly as in we had to have a nap on the couch first…obviously) we put our curtains back up.  And since we’re working on upgrading the living room overall, it was time to update the curtain rods from those basic, costs a buck curtain rods to something with a little more pizzazz.  On my quest for the perfect curtain rod, Target sadly let me down.  Pretty much all their curtain rods were on clearance and while the price is right, I couldn’t find three alike in the size I needed.  But the Better Homes and Gardens line for Walmart came through in a big way.

I wanted three sets of curtain rods, not just the two for the living room, since in my long term plan, the curtains for the windows in both the living room and the parlor will have the same curtains and curtain rods.  So I picked up three pairs of the BHG curtain rods for only $15 each.

And prepared to dress up our naked looking living room.

When it came to hanging the curtain rods, we have a very sophisticated, highly technical method of determining the appropriate hanging level.  I mean…seriously…aeronautical engineers from NASA feel free to take notes here.  I hang the curtain from the rod and raise/lower the curtain rod until the bottom of the curtain panel just grazes the floor.  Did you get that?  Should I repeat it and go a little slower this time so you can really soak it in?!  Don’t worry, Goose took notes.

After the proper curtain level has been determined, Colby marks the spot and whips out the laser level to make sure we attach the brackets to the wall all level-like.

Then we hung the curtain rod brackets and had a little trouble.  Curse you old plaster walls!

Needless to say we couldn’t find a stud…anywhere…studfinders never seem to work with the old lathe and plaster walls and it’s pretty much hit or miss…literally…when it comes to hanging anything in this room.  But so far so good, we hung the curtains and they haven’t come crashing down…yet.

From a distance, adding curtains to the room softens the room up and adds some height to the room.  From closeup, I’m drooling over how adorable the curtain rods are.  No joke, there’s a puddle of drool surrounding me.

Eventually I’ll sew a pair of panels for the parlor using the fabric I made on Spoonflower.  But for now the window is naked, although there is a curtain rod there.  After the parlor curtains are made, I’m planning on making a matching set for the living room so all three windows in the space will have a consistent window treatment.  I just have to breakdown and get over my fear and frustration with the sewing machine.  I swear we can be friends!  Maybe if I tempt it with cookies she’ll play nice with me?!

But for now I’m loving on our old, turquoise curtain panels that I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond forever and a day ago.  And I do recall they were CHEAP since I was making pennies back then during my first job out of college.

So I think I know what I’ll be up to this weekend…or should I say “sew I think I know….”  Hehehe…cackle cackle…bad pun, bad pun.

This weekend is all about sewing…curtains for the parlor and some pillow covers for the couch pillows.

Pssst…I know it’s only Wednesday but I’m already thinking about the weekend.  What do you all have planned out for your weekend?  Any fun and exciting projects?!  Any sew exciting projects?!


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