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I would like to say that I skipped yesterday’s blog post because I was having an unplugged, radio silence day in honor of Earth Day…but that would be a lie.  Nope…I skipped yesterday’s blog post because I got sucked into a Community watching marathon with Colby.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little Troy and Abed in the morning.  Priorities.  Anyway…I’m a little light on blog worthy projects since this past weekend we spent the majority of our time in the car for an impromptu trip to Vermont.  But I do have something quite exciting (at least to me) to share with you.  Let’s set the stage, shall we?!

So, while crashing at Colby’s sister’s house, she bestowed upon me my Christmas present (yes…it’s the first time we’ve seen Colby’s family since Thanksgiving…needless to say I was up late wrapping Christmas presents Friday night)…a Flea Market Style magazine.  She thought I would enjoy a subscription to the mag…but le sigh…subscriptions don’t exist for this publication.  Which was too bad because because it’s that good.  I devoured it…every single page of it…on the ride home from Vermont.

Flea Market Style Magazine And Flea Quest Website

Not only did I want to live in the pages of the magazine, because that’s totally normal, but there was an ad/article that featured a website called Flea Quest, which is a website to help you find local flea markets and shops.  Ummm…dream website!  A couple months ago I actually thought about doing something like this here on the blog but on a much smaller scale.  Like a shop New England flea market directory, but now someone has beat me to it…dang!  Anyway, the site is still very much under construction as they’re building the directory.  So you can’t use it just yet.  But you can go on the site and submit a FREE listing.  So all of you out there with favorite flea markets…go to Flea Quest…and register it!  I did, I did!

The combo of the Flea Market Style magazine and the flea finder website (that’s what I would have named it) has got me uber excited about flea market season. Colby and I have big plans for hitting our favorite flea markets on Memorial Day weekend, which has become a little tradition of ours.  Speaking of flea market finds, I should also mention that I have the best mother-in-law in the world!  Cough cough…suck up…cough cough.  She understands our love of old things and is always finding objects for us at second hand shops, flea markets and on the side of the road.  Every time we see her she bestows some of her finds upon us and this trip was no exception.  Our gifts included a beer tray:

Fitzgeralds Ale Beer Tray

Is it sad that I think we need to build a coffee table to go with this tray?!  And then there were the old Dundee Orange Marmalade jars:

Dundee Orange Marmalade Jars

And she scored them for a dollar each!  I love these things…almost as much as Colby (definitely more than Goose…sorry Goose).  I can’t wait until the yard starts greening up so I can cut a few blooms and plop them in these jars.  Oh…and you can catch a sneak peek of the lampshade project going on in the background…let’s just say…it’s coming out AWESOME but very, very slowly.

Pssst…Okay, your turn.  Dish.  What have you guys found at the local flea market, thrift store, or yard sale that you just couldn’t believe you found?  Any fun trays, or furniture, or other random goodness?!


  1. For me it was the Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child…. for 50 cents, hard back, beautiful condition 🙂

    1. Super score!!!! Was that yard sale find?! That’s so awesome…and an appropriate find for such a phenomenal cook!

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