Freaking By The Numbers

52 – days until out wedding

50 – days until we have house guests

-12 – on a scale of 1 to 10 the current livability of the guest room for said house guests

328 – wedding & house projects in progress (so I exaggerate just a lil’ bit)

97 – wedding invitations that just went into the mail

150 – guests are expected to come

60 – guests we’re expecting at our “rehearsal dinner” bbq at our home

7 – weekends left before the big day

5 – weekends left that we’re around all weekend with no plans

And thus…I’m freaking by the numbers.  There’s so much to do and so little time!  Eeeek!

And the condition of our house in general is bad.  Pretty bad.  Granted we just got back from a four day excursion but it was bad before we left.  Enter Exhibit A:

The dining room…not so bad.  The parlor/living room area…one giant hot mess.  These rooms are holding pretty much everything that’s been misplaced from some of our can’t-seem-to-complete-them projects like the bedrooms, kitchen closet, and dining room door projects.

Exhibit B:

To the left the guest room and to the right, the current state of the master bedroom.  These are supposed to be livable in less than two months…yikes!

Exhibit C:

Even our yard is a mess!  The top pic is the makeshift basement stairs that Colby made when the old stairs got washed away in the spring.  The bottom pic not only shows our overgrown lawn but it’s the space we’re planning on using for a big ol’ horse shoe tournament at our casual rehearsal dinner.  It’s still missing a horse shoe pit.

I’m pseudo ashamed to show you those, but needless to say…I’m freaking out man!  The snozberries taste like snozberries!  Please tell me you’ve seen Super Troopers?!  No?!  Well then, let me enlighten:

But anyway, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  And for the love of lists, I’ve put together a master list of everything I would like to get done before the kick-off of wedding week, in hopes of lighting a fire under my arse.

Wedding To-Do List:

  • Make all the table centerpieces
  • Create and print event programs
  • Craft ceremony décor
  • Find a garter I love
  • Make a ring pillow
  • Write out a shot list for the photographer
  • Create a song list for the DJ…and pick important dance songs
  • Finish up…alright, truth comes out…start all work on the super secret wedding reception décor plan
  • Make a cake base from a log
  • Make a guest book
  • Come up with a styling plan for guest book, cards, seating arrangement, etc. for the reception entrance area then make it happen
  • Order/assemble favor boxes and make the favors
  • Make place cards as invites roll in
  • Plan a welcome bbq menu
  • Style up the bbq “cutely”

House Project To-Do List:

  • Build a horseshoe pit
  • Finish the basement stairs (no accidents waiting to happen)
  • Hang the dining room door
  • Finish mudding/sanding/priming/painting master bedroom
  • Finish mudding/sanding/priming/painting guest bedroom
  • Find a guest room bed
  • Add the organizational system to the kitchen closet
  • Retrofit and hang kitchen closet doors


  • Power clean the house
  • Try to find SOME chill time
  • Don’t let the veggie garden get taken over by weeds
  • Enjoy the bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Clean out the porch to make it respectable since it doesn’t look like we’ll have time to host a yard sale this year
  • Breathe

I’m sure there are a ton of other things that I missed but at least that’s a start, and I’ve got a plan.  Alright…time to get cracking!  I did spend this evening painting up the casing around the dining room door and have quickly discovered that the painting project I thought would take me a solitary evening is a MUCH bigger project than I thought!  Isn’t that always the case?!  Sheesh!  So back to trim repair I shall go.  Scratch that…Design Star is on.  Priorities!

Pssst…Speaking of Design Star, is anyone else totally addicted to this season’s show?!  Holy moly I love just about everyone left on the show!  I’m kind of pulling for Rachel or Britney, they’re my current faves.  And how can you not love tatted up Stanley!  Who is your favorite?

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