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Wedding Wednesday: Mason Jar Candle Holders

It has been a very exciting week so far this week on the wedding front, even after my minor freak out yesterday.  In fact, it’s like the wedding gods are smiling down on me and telling me it will all be okay.  And it’s really sinking in that people are coming to this shin dig and are actually excited about it.  In fact, not even a week after sending out the invitations, the RSVPs have started rolling in:

We officially have four confirmed guests.  And we’ve even received our first wedding gift!

Thank you Gram & Pat!  We just got it today…phone call and thank you note coming soon!  With the emergence of RSVPs and gifts, I’ve been re-energized and started thinking proactively and REALLY knocking off those seems-to-be-endless wedding related projects.  So this evening, I worked on the last prototype for our wedding reception tables…the ball jar candles.

I wasn’t 100% sure of what I wanted to do so I armed myself with a few supplies including mason jars, votives, twine, burlap, and pebbles.  And I super scored on the bag of pebbles from Lowes.  Just because the bag was open and spilling, they knocked the price down from $3.77 to $1.88.  Super score!

I started off the project playing with the burlap.  I cut some strips and then hot glued them around the mason jars.

Hot glue works wonders with these types of projects since it easily peels off of glass afterwards.  Thus, after the wedding, I can tear off the decor and use my jars for canning season once again.  After the burlap had been adhered to the mason jars I started to dress up the jars just a little bit more.  I ended up with three prototypes: a burlap only jar, a burlap/twine jar, and a burlap/yellow ribbon jar (which ended up being the winning prototype…it was both Colby’s and my favorite).

And I was super thrifty with my materials.  I already had a roll of burlap leftover from several other projects, the twine was left over from the climbing rose trellis project, and the yellow ribbon was left over from a baby blanket I made for some friends earlier this year.

Now that I had the outsides of the jars all dressed up, it was time to work on the inside.  The game plan was to fill the jars about a quarter of the way with pebbles and then insert a white votive.  But before I could do that, I had to wash the pebbles.  They were dirty like a Christina Aguilera Lady Gaga music video:

So I cleaned them in the sink using a colander and the rain shower feature on our kitchen sink faucet.  It cleaned up the filth really well!

And when it came to assembling the rocks/votive combo, it was 100 times easier to place the votive in the jar first rather than first fill it with rocks.  It was too hard to fit my hand in the jar to properly place the votive so I kind of dropped it into the jar first and then filled in around the votive with the pebbles.  And voila…mason jar votive holder:

It’s kind of hard to see the rocks and the votive from that angle so here’s a sneak peak inside the jar so you get an idea of what’s going on in there:

Now that I have successfully crafted our table numbers, runners, and birch bark pots, I totally broke everything out and “played centerpieces” for a solid hour since that’s my idea of a good time on a Wednesday night.  I even set the table with plates, wine glasses, silverware, and white napkins.  And the white tablecloth…it’s actually an old sheet.

Our dining room table is just a hair smaller than the tables at our reception facility, so doing a dry run of our table decorations was super easy to recreate. I just threw the sheet over the table and got to work.  I’m totally digging our centerpieces and am sooooo glad that I put it all together tonight.  It was a huge sign of relief that everything looked okay.

Oh…and the fern in the birch bark pot was totally a random awesome moment! The original plan was to use the zinnias that we have been growing out back in our garden.  But the last couple of weeks, I had been freaking out that not enough flowers grew to really decorate the tables successfully.  I’ve tossed a couple different ideas at Colby as “backup plans” but nothing really felt right.  Then tonight, I just threw the fern in the pot (he usually lives in our entryway) and fell completely in love!  It’s so forest, backwoods like…birch bark and ferns.  AND the plants are CHEAP!  They only cost about $3 to $4 each!  Not too shabby for a wedding centerpiece!  Much cheaper than flowers from the florist.  I’m digging the whole setup from the mattress ticking fabric to pops of yellow in the table numbers and the ribbon.  The only thing I’m going to change is the shade of yellow in the ribbon.  It doesn’t quite match the yellow in the table numbers.

But I’ve gone on a seek and destroy obtain mission this evening and have successfully purchased the remaining yardage for table runners, a better shade of yellow ribbon, and all the votives I should need to finish the mason jar project.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have all our table decor done!  Booyah!  That only leaves place cards and favors which I’m debating combining into one.  We’ll see!

Pssst…Holy hotness batman!  Yesterday it was about sixty degrees and today it was about ninety!  LOVE IT!  But my ambition to finish sanding the joint compound in the master bedroom is gone.  Oh well.  What have you all been up to this week?  Any fun and exciting projects?  Anyone else play centerpieces recently?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds that fun?!


  1. Love the center pieces! I’m jealous your day is coming up so soon. I still have another 450 some days! 🙂

    1. You’re day will come SOOOOOOO fast! And then it will be here and you’ll be wondering…where did the time go?! Enjoy the planning time while you can. That’s what happened for us! We can’t believe were less than 2 months away! Crazy!

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