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Since yesterday we started the “long overdue trend” with finally finishing the wooden bookcase that Colby built over a year ago, how about another long overdue switcheroo?!  This time it occurs in the kitchen…and with this sad looking dude.

Old Kitchen Radio

That’s an iPod dock/clock radio.  Colby and I are both big fans of music in the kitchen.  It’s nice to cook and clean while rocking out to Pandora, even though I have to fight with Colby about whether or not Britney Spears radio is indeed a legitimate Pandora station.  Anyway…this sad, disgusting looking radio has seen better days.  He hailed from Colby’s bachelor days and he finally busted…no more iPod/iPhone dock.  Insert sad face here.  The little doo-dad broke off completely!

Old Broken Kitchen Radio

So I started shopping around for a new speaker for the kitchen and found this guy from West Elm (note…it’s now on clearance in your local West Elm stores).

West Elm Squirrel Speaker Above The Sink

And I love him!  And shall call him Victor!  Victor is a squirrel with a speaker in his tail.  Victor also requires no plugging in or batteries (still not sure how that works) but it’s awesome for transport-ability and battery saving-ness.  I feel so energy efficient-ie.

Victor’s usual home happens to be in the kitchen, but he often migrates around the house wherever I should be working.  Sometimes he’s in the living room while I gild light fixtures

West Elm Squirrel Speaker In The Dining Room

And sometimes he hangs out with me in the parlor while I blog and pay bills.

West Elm Squirrel Speaker In The Office

Goose even loves Victor.  They’re BFFs for life.

Goose Loves Squirrels

Confession time…it was because of Goose that I made Victor an official part of the family.  West Elm had a few animal shaped speakers to choose from including a bear and a fox.  But the squirrel hit home for us since Goose is infatuated with squirrels.  Actually, it’s not so much that he’s infatuated with squirrels as he wants to chase them down to play with him.  The squirrels aren’t fans.

You can’t even say “squirrel” in our house without Goose going into overdrive warp speed freak out mode.  Well…if we’re being all truthful tonight, maybe it’s not just the word “squirrel” that gets Goose all hot and bothered.  Maybe it’s because it comes out of my mouth more like “GOOSE!  GET THE SQUIRREL!  GO GET HIM!!”  What?!  I can’t help it!

Goose Loves Squirrels

The squirrel speaker set us back absolutely nothing since we used a West Elm 20% off coupon plus a Pottery Barn gift card that we still had from our wedding.  But normally he cost $39 (but is currently marked down to $15 in stores now…hurry in while they last).

Pssst…Have you guys purchased any animal shaped iPod speakers lately?  Or anything else that you’re puff-out-your-chest proud about purchasing?  Or let your dog sway your purchasing decisions?

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