Surprise! We’ve Been In Puerto Rico

That’s right…the Colbster and I JUST returned from an epicly awesome Puerto Rican, 7 month belated honeymoon adventure.  Are you surprised?!  I’m certainly surprised that we’re back in Maine.  I’m pretty sure I belong in Peurto Rico with it’s warm sunshine, beautiful beaches, and delicious food.  Although…maybe not.  Since I turn redder than a lobster without my SPF 50.  Yup…it’s confirmed…I am indeed a Maine-ah!

Walk To Shacks Beach Puerto Rico

Colby and I literally just got back.  We rolled in last night around 6:00 pm after a day’s worth of travel that began at 2:00 am so my apologies for the lack of bloggery going on last night.  I may have fallen fast, fast asleep shortly after parking my tukus on the couch…in lieu of blogging.  But I’m bringing you a little sneak peak of our travels this evening.  Which included long walks on the beaches:

Puerto Rico Beach Boardwalk

Which totally involved a shark attack.  And by shark attack I really mean a deadly log attack.  And by deadly I mean a nasty cut on my heel and calf.  That part is true.  Anyway…we also explored the cliffs:

Jobos Beach Cliffs Puerto Rico

Walked around Old San Juan (check out the 5′ wide house in yellow):

Exploring The Streets Of Old San Juan

Ate as much Mofongo (fried plantains with meat in a creole sauce) as humanly possible:

Chicken Mofongo Puerto Rico

But most importantly, relaxed on one of the two…count ’em…two decks attached to our apartment.  More specifically…we relaxed in the sun shade lounge on the main deck.

Lounging Sea Side Isabela Puerto Rico

I relaxed so hard that I didn’t even blog while we were away!  Holla!  I pre-wrote and scheduled all my blog posts to go up while we were away.  Sneaky sneaky bloggery!  So if you noticed I was a little slow to comment or respond to your emails, that’s the reason.  I still have some catching up to do on the blog (particularly with emails) so bear with me.

It was a blast and I can’t wait to share all the dirty details with you.  Well…not all the dirty details…it was our honeymoon after all.  I’ll be back next week, after sorting through the thousands (not kidding) of photos that we took, with a couple posts about where we stayed, what we did, what we ate, and a few random stories including how we may or may not have ended up on Mexican TV.  Until we get around to those vacay-posts, you can get a few more behind the scenes shot by following our Instgram Feed @angiesroost (don’t forget to follow us while you’re at it)!

Pssst…Anyone go on any surprise vacations lately?  Or belated honeymoons?  What’s your favorite vacation location?  Do you prefer beaches, woods, old cities?  Do share!

Psssssst…Shout out to Shannon who totally turned me on to my new favorite word in the world, bloggery!  


    1. Someday…we really need to get together so you can tell me all your Costa Rican stories! That must have been such a great time!

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