Grand Opening Of The Parlor Art Gallery

Buy your tickets today…the parlor art gallery is officially open!  And you’re not going to want to miss this grand opening…it’s a doozy!  We’ve got pink flamingos, mice, and deer….oh my!  We finally got the gallery up and love it so, so much!  Especially because it looked like this for so long:

That’s the art gallery template.  Because I’m totally obsessive compulsive like to plan things, I wanted to map out what the gallery would look like before pounding a single nail into the wall.  To do this, I cut/taped together recycled computer paper in the dimensions of the frames, label them, and then tape them up to the wall.  This lets me move, skew, and tweak the gallery until my heart is content.

With the templates in place, it was time to start pounding in the nails and hanging the pictures.

Careful Colby!  And nooooooo…that photos wasn’t staged!  Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis!  And slowly but surely, one piece of art at a time, the gallery began to take shape.

Here’s a tip if you’re like me and are very particular with how you want your art to be positioned.  Use paper to lay out your gallery on the wall, simply measure and mark your nail hole location right on the piece of paper, then pound your nails right into the paper.  We like to use picture hangers…you know…the little hook things that come with a nail that forces you to angle the nail downward into your wall.  And then just rip the paper down and hang your art.

So we repeated this process one piece of artwork at a time.

Until it all started to look really awesome!

This is when I started to get really excited about the gallery and started shouting things like, “I can’t believe this is our house…it looks like a magazine quality gallery” and “There’s too much awesome in this room…Colby get out…before the awesomeness implodes”.

And then we hung some more.

Until it was done.

It’s so cool!  Let’s step it back and take a peak at the gallery from the living room side of the room.

Part of me thinks it’s a little too busy and something simpler would have been better.  Scratch that…it wouldn’t necessarily be better but it would have been safer.  Lately with the house, I’ve been all about taking risks…hello…blue ombre balusters!  And just wait until tomorrow’s post…it’s one serious risk.  I’m enjoying the risk taking and think it makes our house more unique and us.

We’re really digging our gallery.  The only downfall, is that it’s placed directly across from the ginormous picture window in the dining room.  So when the light beams in the gallery gets all glare-ie.  You can see the glare in the picture above.  But we still love it!  It’s oozing awesome!

Pssst…So what have been you all been up to?  What risks have you taken lately?


  1. I think Colby holds his tongue just right by the looks of the picture above. It looks great Angie. I love reading your blogs. You two have done a wonderful job.

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