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Since our bedrooms are still the most ginormous mess in the history of ginormous messes, I don’t really have much of an update for you on those rooms.  But rest assured that new insulation and sheet rock has been going up.  In lieu of a quality progress post, I’m whipping out the game plan.  For your viewing pleasure today, I bring you our guest room mood board.  Now, this is the first time in our two year renovation history that I’ve actually put together a plan for a space.  Usually, I just kind of wing it.  So it will be interesting to see how these rooms turn out vs. the winging it approach.  But anyway, today I’ll be presenting you the guest room plan aka mood board and tomorrow’s post will be all about the master bedroom (still a little uncertain about that room).  The guest room scheme was completely inspired by some napkins.

Is that crazy?  A little bit?  Maybe?  I saw these napkins at Target a few weeks ago, the Privet House for Target napkins, and fell completely and utterly in love with them.  It was all about the color and the pattern combined in this set of eight napkins.  I loved them like a person should not love napkins.  And since I was in the middle of trying to come up with a plan for guest bedroom, I decided to let my love for the napkins transpire into a love for the guest room.  Here’s what it led to…drum roll please…the guest bedroom mood board:

So here’s the plan:

  1. Rustic Wood Accent Wall:  The back wall (the one with the window) is going to be covered with recycled wood.  Totally inspired from Keven & Layla’s reading room at the Lettered Cottage.
  2. Anthropologie Curtains:  I adore those curtains at Anthropologie with the pom pom trim.  I’m in total crazy stupid love mode with those curtains, just not the price tag ($108 PER PANEL).  I want to make my own by taking a cheap pair of white curtains and sewing on pom pom trim…maybe in green.
  3. Rustic Light Fixture:  More specifically a galvanized metal pendant like this guy from the Home Depot for $48.97.
  4. Rustic Armoire:  I have visions of transforming an old cabinet that we inherited with the house into something like the inspiration picture above from Lighting New York.  Since the room will be serving as a guest room and has no closets or storage space, an old cabinet would be the perfect spot to store linens and pillows for optimal guest comfort.
  5. Day Bed:  A day bed, maybe even one with a trundle bed underneath for extra guests, is the perfect solution for such a small room.  I’m thinking throw the day bed up against the window/accent wall, leaving the rest of the room open.  The inspiration day bed hails from the amazing Ana White’s design files.  You can find the tutorial from Ana White.
  6. Jute Rug:  The room needs texture, kind of like the twine wrapped around the napkins (my room inspiration).  What better way to add texture than with a jute rug like this guy from Overstock.  And I’m a total sucker for jute rugs.
  7. Bedding:  Let’s talk about bedding.  This past winter, I fell in love with a bedding combo from Martha Stewart.  It included white, ruffled sheets and shams with a knit blanket.  Because I could never get away with ruffles in our master bedroom, I’m getting it out of my system in the guest room.  And I have big intentions of teaching myself to knit by knitting that blanket.
  8. Throw Pillows:  Now this is where the majority of the color is going to come into play.  I’m thinking a sea of coral and green with maybe some browns mixed in there for good measure.  The coral pillow is from Bliss Living Home which can be purchased at Nordstrom and the green pillow is a Trina Turk pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’m still a little undecided on the wall color but I’m leaning towards a deep tan color, kind of like the tan in the coral napkins.  But that’s still up in the air.

So here’s hoping I can stick to the plan.  But given my track record I’ll probably go in a completely different direction when the time comes.

Pssst…Be sure to check in tomorrow for the master bedroom mood board a plan.  And happy Memorial Day to you all!


  1. Since you don’t have a closet for the guest room, is there any way you could revamp part of the armoire inside so guests could hang up clothes if they needed to?

    1. Probably…but by converting it we would lose so much needed storage space! But maybe I’ll add some hooks to the side of it for hanging clothes. Good point! Never thought of that!

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