Happy Halloween

From Angie’s Roost…and Goose the bat dog.

We’re spending the evening hanging around the house and eating all the candy meant for the neighborhood kids with full intentions of denying it in the morning when we hit the gym.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I may have fought a pint size Luigi and a princess over the last Kit Kat.  Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!  We’ll be back tomorrow with our monthly roundup and lots of DIY goodness next week (including a finished, painted china-cabinet-turned-closet-door).  ‘Til next time…stay thirsty my friends.


    1. Nope…absolutely not! We tempt him to sit still with cookies and meaty bones. Otherwise he tears into his clothes quicker than you can bat an eye. But I’ve yet to meet a dog that likes to dress-up. Maybe someday.

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