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Heroes In A Half Shell – Berkus Power

Consider me a bandwagoner.  I hopped on and hopped on big time with the Nate Berkus for Target line.  I have definitely visited the Nate Berkus line for Target on at least five occasions.  Jury is still out whether or not the first visit counted since there was no Nate Berkus gear on display.  I asked the Target girl if they were carrying the line and I got a “Nate who?!” response with a blank stare.  Silly, foolish Target girl.  You do not understand the love of Nate Berkus and his amazing home decor.  Our local Target finally put out his products and I couldn’t resist coming home with a few things, all on separate occasions.  My Nate stash included the white turtle shell for $39.99:

Gold sea urchin for $9.99 who lives on the freshly painted corner hutch in the dining room:

And the ram’s head for $12.99 (I think) which lives on the living room bookcase (and so sorry for the blurry pic…I only took one picture and didn’t check it post picture taking…it’s a blogging misdemeanor in the first degree…and I swear office-slur that I won’t do it again).

Poor Colby.  Poor, poor Colby who has had to put up with my (sarcastically) slight Nate Berkus obsession.  I drag him to Target, he wipes the drool off the floor as I ogle the Nate Berkus goodies, and he puts up with the Nate Berkus gesture.  What is this Nate Berkus gesture I speak of?!  Let’s just say, every time I say “Nate Berkus” it’s accompanied by hand gestures (picture the airplane stewardess as she’s pointing out the emergency exits) combined with the Home Alone face (you know…when Kevin McCallister puts the after shave on his face and screams).  It’s not pretty.  I consider myself lucky that Colby still loves me.

Anyway, let’s talk about the turtle shell and where I put it.  You see, there was this seriously empty wall going on in the craft room and it begged for a turtle shell.  Seriously…the wall told me so.

I actually was thinking of picking up two turtle shells to fill this wall, and maybe spray painting or even dip dying the shells gold.  But alas there was only one shell left at our local Target.  Le sigh.  Instead, I had an old mirror, an antique find from yester-yore, that used to live in the living room but needed a new home.  The mirror helped the shell fill out the wall and make it a little less lonely.  I still may paint the shell and paint the mirror to match, but who knows.  I kind of like the combo without painting them.

The shell looks a little wonky from that angle, like it’s encroaching on the curtain.  But it’s really not.  Trust me.  The shell is keeping the standard middle school dance, arms length away.

When it came to locating the “optimal” location to hang the mirror and the shell combo, it was pretty self explanatory.  Colby is a stickler for hanging things on studs.  And that mirror is deceptively heavy so it was probably a good thing that we hung it on a stud.  But stud hanging limits options, so this had to do.

But I like the placement and couldn’t be happier.  Talk about some “Berkus Power” coming to the craft room.  Speaking of, did anyone else get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reference?!  I’m a child of the eighties…I admit it…I’m totally familiar with TMNT circa 1987.  My bro was Donatello obsessed!

Now that the craft room is all cutified and has new art and is BY FAR the most finished and best looking room in the house, maybe it’s time I finally learned that hand me down sewing machine.  Why is sewing so intimidating?!  Seriously!  Is it unreasonable to expect those curtains to sew themselves?!  Where are my Cinderella mice to take care of it for me?!

Pssst…Show of hands, who else is obsessed with the Nate Berkus line for Target?  Oooh…ooooh…me…me!  Or anyone else want to borrow Cinderella’s mice for a weekend to get a few projects miraculously accomplished?!

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