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Guitar Hanging

Tonight’s project is quick and dirty, kind of like…wait….I’m not gonna go there…not tonight.  That’s more like a late night Saturday night post and not a late for a Thursday work night as I’m blogging away and really dreading to wake up and go to the office on Friday morning post.  So anyway…we hung some of Colby’s guitars in the living room.  Tah-dah!

Colby’s guitars were hanging out in the closet in the dining room.  It’s the closet that we just closed up courtesy of a china hutch as a hidden closet door.  But having the guitars living in the closet wasn’t really the optimal place for them for a couple reasons.  One…they were difficult to get to, especially before we caster-ized the china hutch.  And two…they were hanging in the closet using lawn and garden hooks.  Not necessarily ideal for guitars.

Knowing that we wanted to hang the guitars in the living room, Colby went online and found a store that sold these meant-to-hold-guitar hooks.  They came from Seismic Music and you can purchase them from Seismic Music for $12.18 each.

Hanging them was easy.  Since the guitars are something we don’t want to come crashing to the floor and we don’t necessarily trust our old plaster walls, we started by finding the studs in the wall where the guitars would be hanging.  Thankfully there were three evenly placed studs for the three guitar hooks.

Then it was a matter of screwing the guitar hangers into the wall and hanging the guitars.

The guitar hangers are such a BIG improvement over the lawn and garden hooks that we were using before.  They cradle the guitar perfectly, without fear of damaging, and the hooks even swivel to accommodate different guitar head shapes.

But alas, we only had room on the wall for three guitars but there are five guitars in total.  Colby had a pair of guitar stands hanging out in the basement so we plopped two of the guitars in the stand so all of them could come out of the closet and be one gay happy little guitar family.

It makes it a little guitar overload there in the corner so I’m already rethinking storing the two on the floor elsewhere.  Would it be weird to hang the other two on the wall behind the couch?  Contemplating…contemplating.  But for now it works and gets the guitars out in the open so Colby can play them more.  Already guitar playing is up 378% and the happiness level of my man has increased two-fold.  Now, if only I could get him to spend that money I gave him for singing lessons ON singing lessons, it would make for one happy wife house! I kid, I kid…he’s a pretty good singer.  He at least makes up for my tone-deafness by 214%.

Pssst…Woot woot weekend here we come!  What’s on my weekend to do list…oh you know, a little Home Depot a little Bed Bath and Beyond, I don’t know if we’re gonna have enough time!  Name that movie and you win a prize…errrrrr…a giant kudos from moi!  Happy (almost) weekend everyone!  What’s on your weekend to do list?

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