How We Spend Our Friday Nights

Long time…no blog post…my sincere apologies.  But it’s been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks.   Let’s catch you up.  For the last couple of weeks I have been taking one of those week long intensive courses, but now it’s done.  Only six more classes to go and I’ll finally have my MBA…woohoo!  Meanwhile…Colby was up to his eyeballs in a bit of a plumbing situation.  Long story short (sparing you the gross, nasty details), we discovered that the previous owners had decided to install a new drain pipe under the basement floor.  Instead of traditional and correct PVC piping they used perforated pipe.  Thus, we’ve been living on top of a leach field.  Gross!  And we kept blaming the dog for the stink down cellar taking mysterious dumps that we could never find.  Poor Goose (he takes the blame for everything)!  A couple trips to Lowes, one call to Roto-Rooter, and a borrowed pavement breaker from work and we now have all brand new plumbing with everything working CORRECTLY!  Yay!  So now we’re back to the grind, ripping and tearing and trying to make the house pretty again.  Here are a couple of pics of how we spent our Friday night.  We’re currently in the process of remodeling the hallway/stairwell.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll start to put it back together again.

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