Hula Girls Coming Out Of The Closet

When we last left off on the great saga that will forever be known to the world as “operation blue entry”, the only thing left to tackle on the to-do list was to add some art.  Since I’m all for working with what ya got, I pulled out a few packs of hula girl postcards that have been hiding in the closet for a few years.  Nothing like a hula girl coming out of the closet!

Hulu Girl Postcards

Actually, I haven’t brought these gals out since I was in college!  And for the sake of protecting my old age…cough cough…twenty nine cough cough…it’s been awhile since these vintage reproduction postcards have seen the light of day.

Enter sir irony.  No sooner did I decide to hang the postcards in the entry, I came across the following at a local antiques store for only $6 (originally $8 but on sale for $6):

Hulu Girl Postcard Meets Hulu Girl Art

Can you believe it!  The metal sign was exactly like my postcard, except she was a little more modest in the ta-ta department.  You should have seen my shocked face.  Actually…it looked a little something like this (enter sub-par re-enactment of the discovery):

Angies This Is Ridiculous Face

I know…it wasn’t pretty.  Back to hanging postcards and a the metal hula girl in the entry.  To hang the art I turned to the stuff that I used to hang the postcards back in college, my trusted friend and colleague, sticky putty.

Sticky Putty

I have no idea if “sticky putty” is the official name for this stuff.  It’s just what we always called it in our college days so the name kind of stuck (har har…bad pun).  Am I old enough to say “back in my college days”?!  Me thinks not!  Get worried if you hear me break into the school song while taking swigs straight from the wine bottle, and crying about how great those times were and that I’ll never get them back.  Anyway…sticky putty is awesome and you can purchase it for pretty cheap in the tapes/adhesives aisle of Staples.  It hangs relatively lightweight objects, like postcards, without damaging the material or the wall it’s stuck to.  It even peels cleaning off of plain old computer paper.  AND it’s reusable.  Like I said, I used this EXACT stuff…literally…to hang the hula girls circa 2002.  To use it, you just gob it on the back of the object and hang.

Sticky Putty The Art

As for the configuration, I just slopped the postcards right up there on the entry wall between the boards of board and batten, surrounding the larger piece of art from the antiques store.

Hulu Girl Postcard Art In The Entry

I even tucked a couple of the postcards up on the entry shelf to continue the hula girl theme throughout the miniscule space.

Hulu Girl Postcards On Entry Shelf

I LOVE the postcards on the shelf.  They’re small and unassuming, but they bring some pops of color and really help tie the coral color in the basket into the rest of the room.

Hulu Girl Art In Entry

As for the postcards hanging on the wall, I’m not sold.  I’m not 100% convinced I like them hanging in the entry.  More like 53% convinced.  I could go either way.  I do like the larger, metal hula girl but not so much the postcards.  It just seems like the wrong scale to me and that all the postcards are drowning.  Not a good thing for a hula girl.  They should shine and be the stars of the show, not drown.

Hulu Girl Art In Entry

I’m going to live with this art setup for a little while because you never know, it might grown on me.  But I’m kind of thinking the postcards either need to be framed or mounted on something, or maybe I’ll even scrap the postcard idea altogether and look for a more substantial piece of art for the entry.  I’m still undecided.  I don’t know…what do you guys think?  Help me!  I’m drowning too…in indecision!


  1. You’re spending too much time online, Hulu is the site for watching TV shows and movies, those darling dancing girls of yours are hula dancers.

    1. Hahahahaha! That’s so funny and SO true! I was wondering why spell check kept telling me it was wrong. Okay…I’m going to go fix it right now!

  2. But I do like how you use the various images, I love having things around that remind me of good times. I’ve been to Hawaii twice……..oh, in the airport in Hawaii, going to and coming from Guam, but that does count as two visits, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. I love your hula girls! But you might like the arrangement better if you spread them out more or randomized it. I would ignore the beadboard ridges altogether, or use more of the vertical spaces. I love watching how everything comes together! So inspiring 🙂

  4. Hulu..Hula..who cares..they are terrific! ha! What a fun little gallery, must make you smile every time you see it. The post cards look great against that blue. By the way, I totally thought of you today, I went to a local antique shop and it was called Antique Roost, I had 3 options and short on time and picked them just for the “roost”

    1. Haha! I think I love you even more for your antique store choice! That’s so awesome! And I’m not gonna lie…I’m kind of jealous. I want an Antique Roost too!

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