I Make This Look Good

Even though we’re up to our eyeballs in sheet rock, insulation, and joint compound, we’re still finding time to work on the gazillion and a half projects that we’ve started throughout the rest of the house.  Case in point…the kitchen closet.  As some of you may have noticed in some of the flea market find pictures of yore, I recently took the closet from this:

To this:

All it took was some nail hole patching, sanding, closet ceiling polying, some primer, a bit of caulking, and a couple coats of glossy white Betsy’s Linen paint from Valspar to bring out the beauty of the kitchen closet.

Colby was even admiring my handiwork…real up close and personal like.  So close that he was grateful that the closet didn’t have garlic breath.  And he kept saying how I make his work look good.  Seriously…you would never know that those trim pieces in the corner were recycled from the depths of the basement, that there are seams galore throughout the bead board and the trim, or that the ceiling is just plain old utility plywood.

I’m like a regular old J from Men In Black…”Colby…the difference between you and me is…I make this look good!” Just don’t mind the missing baseboard, lack of closet doors, or the fact that we’re missing a couple pieces of flooring in there.  Minor details.

But while we’ve been plugging along in the bedrooms and painting the closet, I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what I wanted to fill the closet with.  Obviously coats…but I really want the closet to work for us organizational wise.  I cruised Pinterest and saw lots of gorgeous closets but none were really speaking to me.  So then I started to think about how the closet would work for us and there were essentially two purposes the closet needed to fill…hang coats and store hats/mittens/scarves…etc.  Oh…and if it could hold the vacuum and Colby’s projector for work, that would be cool too.  So thanks to the powers of Photoshop, here’s what I’m thinking for a closet system/plan:

A basic shelf with some interesting brackets to hold it up, baskets to hold miscellaneous winter apparel such as gloves, and a clothes rod to hold our coats.  But there’s still so much wasted space down below.  So I’m thinking, go with kitchen closet organization phase 1 and see how it works out and how we use the space.  Then, depending on what we need for extra storage, kitchen closet organization phase 2 may need to be enacted.

I’m thinking of adding a bench which could hold items such as the vacuum and the projector under the shorter coats, and also add some vintage crates on casters to hold sporting goods, camping stuff, and other random/too-large-for-the-baskets items.  But we’ll see how phase 1 goes before heading down the phase 2 route.  Here’s hoping we can get phase 1 complete this weekend and get back to you with all the dirty little details of the project.  But if the sun decides to reappear after all this rain (fingers crossed), we may be parking our butts on the golf course this weekend instead.

Pssst…Anyone else working on a closet revamp these days?  Or juggling way too many projects at once?  Why can’t we focus?!  Why is that so hard?!  Some things the world may never know.  Le sigh!

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