I Really Am The Fairest Of Them All

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Not this bad boy that’s for sure:

He wouldn’t be so bad except that the copper color absolutely does not go with our vibrantly painted yellow bathroom.  Let’s take a look at the ugly close up:

Whoa that’s ugly!  But I can’t complain too bad.  The mirror only cost us $10 at a yard sale last summer and is easily transformable with a little spray paint.  Why I’ve waited almost a year to spray paint it I cannot tell you.  I’m a procrastinator at heart I guess.  But I finally bit the bullet and gave this mirror a makeover.  We had a mirror before this, and in case you don’t remember it met a tragic fate when Colby was installing the light fixture above it.  He was using a drill with a hole saw attached to it and sawed just a little too far.  The drill battery slammed into the mirror cracking it up and I don’t mean cracking it up funny haha cracking it up.  Well, it’s kind of funny now but wasn’t at the moment.  Back to the makeover.  The mirror came down from the wall and I prepped it for painting:

This is just a piece of plastic left over from when we were sanding the drywall upstairs.  We plastic-ed off (yes…it’s a verb) the doorways to contain the mess.  Then I just used good ol’ painters tape to tape off the mirror and protect its surface for spray paint gone wild.  Then I took the mirror outside and set up my painting station:

I decided to go with the Rust-Oleum hammered metal, white glossy spray paint with the traditional nozzle:

I wanted a glossy white spray paint with a little texture to it since there is so much glossy white already going on in the bathroom.  I also like the traditional nozzles better than the trigger nozzles that are out there.  You save a buck (yes I admit…I’ll do just about anything to save a buck…my name is Angie….and I’m a cheap-a-holic) and I also find the trigger nozzles clog up after being stored for a long period of time.  Next I layered on a few thin and even coats of spray paint:

Top tips for an expert finish: Keep the can constantly moving and about 8-10 inches away from the surface.  Several super thin coats is a lot more even and less goopy than one or two thicker coats.  This paint kept drying so fast that I was able to just keep going around and around the mirror until I ran out of daylight.  Hmmm…perhaps starting this kind of project at eight o’clock at night was not my brightest plan.  While the mirror was drying (it was dry to be handled in 90 minutes and fully dry in 24 hours) I touched up the walls behind the mirror, where the old mirror used to hang:

I still need to prime and paint the patches, and fix this mess under the light fixture:

But I saved this for another day.  Here’s to prolonging projects!  I guess I was just too impatient to get the mirror hung.  Besides, the mirror covers up about 99% of the wall problem areas.  Now if only I could find something like that for my problem areas!  Without further ado, the newly refurbed bathroom mirror in all it’s glossy white, hammered metal goodness:

It’s totally the fairest of them all!


  1. That looks awesome, Angie! I’ve got an old mirror with an ugly-a** silver frame that I’m, one day, gonna do the same thing to. The people I bought my house from left it here…it’s been sittin in the same corner of my office for two years now. I’m looking at it as we speak… Don’t think you’re alone in the procrastinating of projects department!

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